Yes, She’s THAT Good

10 06 2009

DSC_0146The other day, as I was reading cjane archives, Rainbow sat next to me and said, “What are you doing, Mom?” She looked over my shoulder and saw cjane’s angelic header. “Oh. That girl. She’s just freakin’ me out.”

I laughed. Seriously, I’m pretty sure cjane herself would have laughed.

Anyway, yesterday I was complimenting Rainbow on her Wii skills (which I should call skillz because that is what they are), and said, “You’re really good at everything, Rainbow.”

“Well, not everything,” she said. “I’m not very good at limbo.”



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10 06 2009

Wendy-babe, you’ve cloned yourself – she’s beautiful and a GREAT sense of humor! Tell Rainbow not to worry, I’m not very good at ‘limbo’ either and I’m as old as dirt!

Hope you’re doing GREAT! I love dropping by to visit you!

10 06 2009

Children are so honest and guileless. I love that comment. It shows that she knows that she is awesome at many things, yet needs to work on her limbo. I need to work on my limbo, too.

10 06 2009

you are right, cjane would totally laugh at her comment.
Rainbow is adorable, I just love how honest kids are.

10 06 2009

Good and humble. That doesn’t happen very often. Besides, the limbo is completely overrated.

10 06 2009

The last time I limboed, I didn’t really like it. I guess that means I’m old.

12 06 2009

I never could limbo either. And yes, she does possess many amazing skilz. Love the pic of her!

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