The Dress (but not the lipstick)

20 06 2009

As per your request, here is a picture of the dress:


You never said it couldn’t be a lousy self-portrait in the patio door, after all.

(Be kind and pretend you don’t see the weeds in the background.)



13 responses

20 06 2009

I really, really love it in a “gotta have it” kind of way. Two questions: where did you buy it and do they make it in a size other than teensy-tiny?

You are adorable and your weeds (that I wouldn’t have noticed had you not mentioned them) look like wildflowers.

20 06 2009

Great Dress!

20 06 2009


20 06 2009


20 06 2009

Mandy–I got it at the Ann Taylor outlet. It’s probably gauche to say the price, but I got a smokin’ deal: $30 !

So, now is a good time to ask a question I’ve been wondering–if you ask a question in a comment, do you go back and look for the answer? I feel a little sheepish commenting on my own blog, although I’m not sure why. I obviously think I’m important enough to have a blog, so why should I worry about commenting to myself? The world may never know, but I do await blog commenting wisdom from all of you.

20 06 2009

Wow–that dress makes you look skiiiiiinnnnnyyyyyyy!

20 06 2009

I like getting an answer in the comments which is why I’m a fan of emailed comment notification. Also, I love the dress even more now that I know the price!

22 06 2009

I love that dress! Ann Taylor knows what she’s doing:). Love the bracelet too…

22 06 2009

What a great dress!!! I am so jealous cause I only have only dress that actually fits now and I am carrying around a basketball somwhere in my midsection. You really really do look great in that dress! Love ya! Oh and I sometimes go back and look for the comments and sometimes I forget. That is also why I love the email notifications. However, your site must hate me because it will not work for me.

24 06 2009

smokin’ hot you skinny butt, i mean bum. don’t give me chilli powder please.

25 06 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Ooooh. I wish I had a waist so as to wear a fabulous dress like that.

Work it girl.

27 06 2009

You look so rad. It gives you an amazing shape.

28 06 2009

That dress is adorable and totally suits you. I love it.
Weeds? They look like wildflowers from this desert perspective.
Can’t wait to see you at the reunions!

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