How CAN I?

29 06 2009

I love all my children, but there is a special, Colby-shaped spot in my heart for my joyful, non-verbal 2-year-old.

And his red hair.

I don’t know what it is about the hair, but it just puts his cuteness over the top. Maybe because it was so unexpected: none of the other kids had red hair, why would #4 surprise us like that?

But we were definitely pleasantly surprised, and have enjoyed comments from old ladies in the grocery store ever since.

Last week, Colby was mis-identified as a girl for the first time.


See those curls?


Okay, so maybe it’s time. But . . . the curls! How can I?

Well, this morning I was feeling strangely motivated and I decided to go for it.


Mini-mullet, anyone?


I can’t decide if he looks older or younger.

Last haircut, I did a better job of leaving a few curls behind. Still, he won’t be mistaken as a child of the female variety anytime soon.

And, seriously, the cuteness is still over the top.



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