To Market, To Market To Buy a Fat Hog

19 07 2009

Home again, home again, jiggety jog!

I used to say that whenever we’d get home, but then Zack said, “Mom, I really hate it when you say that.” So I stopped.

Except sometimes I forget and still say it.

We went to the Rexburg Farmers’ Market on Friday. This is the first year it’s been in operation, and I was impressed with the turnout and the wares for sale. We got some Kettle Corn from Dave and Lisa and some fantastic gingersnaps from Sarah. Just to prove we aren’t nepotists, we also got some corn on the cob. I didn’t have my camera out too much because I was stroller pushing and kid wrangling with my mom, but I did think this a novel approach to butter application:


Please join me in adopting paintbrushes at your dinner table. We love butter at our house.

I also let each of the kids choose a treat, but then I made them not eat it because we hadn’t had dinner yet. So evil.

Zack chose a caramel apple . . . that cost $3. (I’m pretty sure I bought a caramel apple at Disneyland and it was only $2.50. But, hey, apparently some suckers will pay that much.)

The girls chose these:


Cupcake kabobs. There’s your next party idea, eh?

Just as we were leaving, I saw a guy drawing caricatures. I thought, “That would be so fun to get pictures drawn of my kids!” He had a couple of examples that looked pretty good, so I made my kids sit for him (with visions of their treats harassing them on every side). 


After he started drawing, I realized that sure, the examples looked good, but I didn’t know what the original subjects looked like. (Zack had his teeth like that the whole time, so the final picture has buck teeth.)

Here’s how they ended up:



Not bad, although I think he may have been a university student who has had most of his practice drawing other university students as models, since all of my kids look older in their portrait than they do in real life. Seriously, check out Eden. She’s been age-progressed 10 years! She looks beautiful, of course, but it’s scary. Let me enjoy year seven, please.

If you’re interested in checking out the market, it’s on Fridays from 4-8pm next to the Tabernacle. Bring your own napkin or you’ll have butter dripping down your chin.



11 responses

19 07 2009

HAHAHA! I am so laughing at the buck teeth! Couldn’t he have just ignored that part? Ya know, kids will be kids, but let’s not include it in the drawing? I don’t think they look anything like your kids, sorry! Colby? He’s 10 in that picture!

Love the kabob idea! But, aren’t the cupcake papers going to pose a problem? I think I’ll make mine sans paper……

19 07 2009

Maybe that drawer should throw into his gimmick that he can predict how your children will age. Then he can charge extra.

19 07 2009

I bummed that we missed the Farmer’s Market with you. Want to again this Friday? 🙂

19 07 2009

It was fun to see you today – I wish we would have had some time to VISIT! Wasn’t the farmers market GREAT! I was impressed too. This week we were just scoping it out – next week I’m bringing $ to purchase. I loved all the people hangin’ out and eating corn (yum) and scones – it was a fun atmosphere.

19 07 2009

Um, weren’t you at Disneyland about 20 years ago? I’m pretty sure (okay, just speculating here, since I haven’t been back, either) that you can’t get anything at Disneyland now for $2.50.

19 07 2009

I am impressed with the offerings at the Rexburg market. All you can get at ours is vegetables and jam. Caramel apples, cupcake kabobs AND creepy caricatures? I feel gypped. Also, I thought caricatures were supposed to be more cartoony and less old. We had one done on our honeymoon and it looks like I married Luke Perry.

20 07 2009

so glad you went. I hope we have time to go in a couple weeks when we’re down there. You got some great treats. I think Greg is right though, there is nothing at Disneyland under $5. But $3 for a farmers apple is a little pricey. The water park here had a pretzel for $4.50…that’s just crazy.
Love the sketches, so funny, we had one done of Everett & Anna when they were 3 & 5, they looked just like Donny & Marie, it was hilarious!

See you on at candy mountain on Saturday!

20 07 2009
Mrs. Olsen

I love that Rexburg has a farmer’s market!

I think the pix turned out great.

20 07 2009

I am so glad that the Rexburg Farmers market is so good. We sometimes go to the weekly SLC one, and they do not have caramel apples, or cupcake kabobs, let alone paintbrushes for our butter. It just proves that Rexburg rocks still.

29 07 2009

Come on now, Greg, I’m sure you can get *something* for $2.50 at D-land… A postcard maybe? Not the glossy ones, but the cheapy-paper ones.

Great post, Wendy! I loved seeing your farmer’s market adventures. 🙂 Wish we could have been there with you!

10 08 2009

I know for a fact (since I’ve been to Disneyland a whopping 18 times now in 7 months), that you CAN get something at Disneyland for $2.50, but it can’t be food! The cheapest food item there is ice cream on a stick for $4.00. So I would say those carmel apples for $3.00 is a pretty good deal, as they are more than that at Disneyland now!

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