No Photoshop–these are GENUINE FAKES!

4 08 2009

Okay, my brother just posted some pictures from our family reunion on his blog. See if you can find me. (Hint: I am in disguise.)

Also, if you click the arrow a couple of times, you might see a couple of my offspring (also in disguise).

Click here.



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5 08 2009

Thanks for the traffic, Wanda–I posted some more, even the individual one of you (don’t know how you’d feel about that, but it’s such an awesome picture). You really should look into growing that moustache you’ve always wanted. 🙂

–El Jefe

5 08 2009

Love them! Thanks for sharing. A truly original idea that turned out cute!

5 08 2009

I think my brothers might be a little irked to be called “cute”, but we’ll just keep that to ourselves and they will never know.

5 08 2009

How fun!!!

5 08 2009

Glad I read the other comments here. I wasn’t going to go fishing around on his site – the big family picture was funny enough by itself – but when he mentioned the individual one of you, I had to go hunting. To borrow a phrase frequently heard in my neck of the woods, it’s FREAKING AWESOME!!!!
Just thought you should know.

6 08 2009

I love this. I love this. I love this. This picture is priceless times infinity.

7 08 2009

you guys have so much fun! That should be blown up and hung in your parents basement. (not that it isn’t cool enough for the front living room:)

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