Our Week of Redecorating, Part 1

28 08 2009

There is a reason I haven’t painted for over three years, and that reason is this:

Painting is a huge pain.

The painting part itself isn’t so bad, but the stringing of belongings willy-nilly about the house (and, in this case, it was mattresses), the loss of any previous semblance of order, and the complete lack of schedule (“Whoa, is it two? I guess we should have some lunch.”). Also, the need to “just get it done” is exhausting, especially to one of my generally procrastination-happy personality.

The painting, I am happy to say, is done. We’re trying to get everything “accessorized” still, but at least the mattresses are out of the living room.


I have never liked those cows, not in the six years we have lived here. The lavender under the chair rail has also never been my first choice. Definitely time.


Here is Eden, with the drooping shoulders, valiantly scrubbing the walls. (I’m extracting a promise from my children to never hang pictures with a glue stick ever again. Please.)


We unceremoniously shoved everything from under the beds into the closet.


This the bookcase and all the junk that was on top of the dresser got scuttled into the hall (and continuously tripped over) for the duration.


Our first coat was magnetic paint, where I hoped to stop putting so many pinholes into the walls by hanging posters and pictures with magnets.


Unfortunately, it could have used another coat, and magnetic paint isn’t something everybody carries. I had this stuff left over from an enrichment idea (cough, cough) five years ago. Anyway, turns out that we either need stronger magnets or lighter posters.


I also painted the kids’ beds (two coats of primer, two coats of paint)  because I wanted them to blend a little bit. They really take up the whole room.


Note the repurposed bookcase: Stan helped me cut down the old one (which is much more involved than that sentence sounds) and Eden helped me paint it white. It really helps open the other end of the room up (where it used to be), but now I’ve got to figure out what half of the books we can stand to get rid of. That’s on my list today.


We also got rid of the bureau, which also didn’t fit very well into the room. I got Zack and Eden each a clothes tower from IKEA. So far so good.


Today is the day we finish up, and I’ll hopefully get some more pictures posted. Later.

I will say this: I had drawn a picture of the room with measurements and placement of furniture. Eden said to me after we got the clothes towers put in, “Wow, it looks a lot better in real life than in that picture you drew.”

(That’s good, right?)



10 responses

28 08 2009
Mrs. Olsen

That stuff really is a lot of work. Way to go! One good thing about it, you pull everything out and get it back in order. It feels so much more cleaner!

28 08 2009

Exciting! I love the magnetic paint idea- I was going to copy you… until I read it didn’t work out- BUMMER!

28 08 2009

What a project! I always love when those are FINISHED. 🙂

28 08 2009

Magnetic paint is fantastic idea…. Maybe they make special magnets to work with it?? I love IKEA!!! The room looks awesome! Good work. 🙂

28 08 2009

I have to say, I LOVE painting. That is to say I love picking the colors, re-organizing, and actually painting. I do not love the mess in the meantime. We are getting ready to paint our entire downstairs. But I am waiting until after the baby this time. I still have to do both kids rooms and finish our bedroom and bathroom upstairs but for this year my big project will be the downstairs area. I like what you’ve done. Sorry about the magnetic paint thing. Sounded good, you just needed a smaller area for coverage. You need to put that stuff on pretty thick, or so I hear. I’ve never done it myself.

28 08 2009

I’m with you on the hating painting thing. The boys have the money saved up for their room and now it’s just a matter of painting it. Ugh. So if I do the magnet paint thing I’ll use two coats…hmmm.
The room looks great! Good job!

28 08 2009

Well dagnabit! Magnetic paint is such a groovy idea! Sorry it didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped. :p
The room looks fabulous. Very impressed, I am. (Watch Star Wars today, we did…)

28 08 2009

Great job! You look like a great painter to me. That is one talent that I have never developed and it looks like I never will. The room looks great and I look forward to the next installment of photos. Keep up the good work.

28 08 2009

A lot of work but totally worth it–it looks great. I like the clothes tower idea, too.

28 08 2009
Candice Rail

I hate painting, but I love the idea. We have been painting Sarah’s tiny room for…2weeks now. I am still not finished with the first coat. Darned cathedral ceilings.

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