Look Out, Annie Oakley

30 08 2009

Stan took Zack and Eden to the gun range last week.

I was thrilled.

Even more so when they got back, and Eden was holding a can of root beer to her brow.

But you know what they say whenever kids want a gun:

You’ll shoot your eye out!

eden eye

A bullet didn’t really hit Eden’s eye. She had pushed her safety glasses to the top of her head to keep her hair out of her eyes while she was shooting. A hot shell casing flew from her gun and burned her eyelid.

She really did lose her first tooth, although not by a bullet.

Thank goodness.



7 responses

30 08 2009

Methinks she’ll remember to keep those goggles on next time. Whew! That was a close one!

30 08 2009

Bout time she lost a tooth! What’s wrong with you people? Scared of the tooth fairy?

30 08 2009

I was wondering at church today when I was sitting near her. Now I know, she’s a real gun toting hot shot!

30 08 2009
Candice Rail

Now I know why you should wear goggles. Yikes.

30 08 2009

Your a braver woman then I. I would be worried sick the whole time until they all returned in one piece.

30 08 2009

Now she has a story to wow all the kids at school–and keep any bullies off her back. Adam has a scar under his chin from a bike accident but as he tells it, it was the result of a knife-fight. Instant street cred.

31 08 2009
John Smith

He – or she – who dies with the best story, wins. Such is the mantra of my brother-in-law’s family and goodness, do they have some good ones!

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