It’s Outta Here!

1 09 2009

Zack came into my room last night to show me his tooth (the one that’s been loose all summer) and how he could make this really cool squiltching noise with it.

“Can you twist it?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

Then he twisted and said, “Oh.”

I looked over and he had a tooth in his palm.

Oh happy day, caloo, calay and all that.


I realize that’s probably much more of my son’s mouth than you probably wanted to see, but I’m working with a new photo program. There are still (obviously) a few kinks. But the reflection of me in his pupil is pretty cool.



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2 09 2009
Candice Rail

I love shiny eyed pictures. How do you do that?

2 09 2009

Candice–I think the catch light is just coming from the light in the window. I’m not sure how photographers “plan” that. In my case, it was just lucky. I didn’t even realize it happened until it came up so gigantic.

2 09 2009

I’m pretty sure all children have their mothers reflected in their eyes.

2 09 2009

sweet picture!

2 09 2009

That’s a handsome face!

2 09 2009

wow, teeth are falling out like crazy at your house:)!
The reflection is cool.

2 09 2009

Well, his new tooth was 1/2 way in!

2 09 2009


2 09 2009

Ew. Just the word “squiltching” gives me the heebie jeebies. Good for him & I love the picture.

4 09 2009

I’ve just been leisurely reading your blog lately without giving comments, just enjoying myself. You’re so cute and funny and nice and cute and cool and don’t get too tan this summer. Good job on painting and organizing. Very proud.

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