8 09 2009

Yesterday morning, when I had planned to go walking with a friend, a certain redhead waking early made this impossible.

I baked a pie instead.


Exercise: 0.

Baking: 1.



8 responses

8 09 2009

*Doing what’s important – 0
*Doing what’s MOST important – 1

8 09 2009


Even though I’m a much bigger fan of, say, coconut cream pie, (or huckleberry) that looks delicious.

8 09 2009

Now that’s my kind of exercise!

8 09 2009

Yum! Too bad you don’t live closer and I could swing over for a slice as we enjoy the solitude of having our children back in school!

8 09 2009

what a beautiful pie!

8 09 2009

My kids give ratings based on their enjoyment of the food that we make. That pie looks like it would score a google infinity plus. Of course, I’d need to taste it to make sure…

9 09 2009

Looks so good! Any left? Dairy free? Are those fresh peaches?

9 09 2009

Doesn’t baking a pie and eating it equal a negative in the exercise column? I’ve been trying to work out the math, and I thought I would ask the salutatorian to help me out with that one.

Looks delicious.

Love, Jefe

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