You know it’s going to be a great day when . . .

18 09 2009

. . . it’s time to leave for school and everyone is crying.

Including you.



7 responses

18 09 2009

Those are the days when you have to say, “Today can only get better!” (Knock on wood) Hang in there–wish I could send a hug over the internet.

18 09 2009

I’m sorry! I hate those days. That’s when I’m tempted to sit down and curl up with a book or a treat….You’re an awesome mom!

18 09 2009
Candice Rail

Ice Cream. It is so cliche, but it works…

18 09 2009

Ohhhh, sorry! Bet it was very quiet after everyone left! 🙂

20 09 2009
El Jefe

If it makes you feel any better, I cry every morning before I have to go to school.

Love, Jefe

21 09 2009

I hope today is much better. I sure love you!

24 09 2009
Mr. Smith

Oh. I must be dumb. I read that and honestly thought, “Great, everyone is so happy (must’ve been a good joke) they’re crying – that *is* a good way to start a day!” Sorry, hopefully the subsequent days have been better. Good thing Stan is nowhere near as socially inept as Mr. Smith! 😀

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