Hitting the Bull’s Eye

22 09 2009

I like boys.

True, they’re always shoving each other or throwing things, but that’s one of the reasons I like them. Which is also why I love volunteering at Cub Scout Day Camp.

(Some of you might be wondering if that’s sarcastic or not. I am the first to admit that my writing occasionally dips into the satirical range, but you can generally tell when this happens by the tone of the piece and extra italics. “I love volunteering at Cub Scout Day Camp” is sarcastic. Without the italics [as in the above paragraph], you can rest assured I honestly love those little Cub Scouts.)

I was able to go with Zack and his troop a couple of months ago. Apparently, some cool mom the day before had participated in the archery portion because Zack excitedly told me about it all day long. When we reached the range, the boys were reminded of some important rules (including the ‘zombie walk’) and then were allowed to shoot with the bows.

After everyone had had a turn, Zack came over to where I was sitting and said, “Come on, Mom. You’ve got to try this.”

He didn’t have to urge too hard; it looked like a lot of fun.

Following protocol, I stood at the rope and said, “Rangemaster, may I please enter the range?”

“Yes, you may,” he said, and pulled aside the string so I could get by.

I’d been watching the boys for fifteen or twenty minutes and listening to the rangemaster give them instructions and tips all the while. I felt fairly confident I wouldn’t make a fool of myself.

How does that old saying go again? Oh, yes–pride cometh before the fall.

My feet were lined up right; my elbow was level; my arrow was nocked correctly. Everything seemed to be going according to plan. I closed my right eye and put the bull’s eye in my sights . . .



My arrow kind of tangled up somehow in my bow and my bowstring. It just sort of fell to the cone at my feet.

It was really hard to stop laughing.

The boys (who haven’t yet learned to laugh at themselves) looked on, the pity on their faces seemingly saying, “How embarrassing. I’m sure glad I didn’t do that. Or, even worse, my mom.”

Zack shouted encouragement from the sidelines, while the rangemaster gave me a few tips in proper release.

I listened.


Again, I nocked my arrow. Lined up my feet. Lifted my elbow. Sighted my target. Took a deep breath . . .


Bull’s eye.

That’s right.

Bull’s eye!

I let out what could only be described as a war whoop and raised both arms in the air.

What a rush.

(The boys looked even more embarrassed at this. Are moms not supposed to act that way? Maybe the mom who did it the day before simply shrugged one shoulder and acted nonchalant, as though she does it every day. Hmm. I’ll work on that for next year.)

My next couple of arrows missed the bull’s eye, but they hit the target. Really, I couldn’t ask for anything more. (Except for maybe a Toyota . . .)

The rangemaster gave me a bead to wear on my name tag.

I wore it with pride.




P.S. Does anyone know where I can get a simple bow and a couple of bales of straw? If I end up volunteering on the same day as Archery Mom next year, I want to be ready.



8 responses

22 09 2009


You should ask Sam where his compound bow is, buy a foam deer, and then practice in your backyard. That’s way cooler than hay anyways.

22 09 2009

I went to Cub Scout camp too- I loved archery and BB shooting- why didn’t girl scouts do those things?!! Lucky me- I have 5 boys. You can buy a bow and arrow set at BiMart… do you have one of those? Probably Sporting Good stores too. Washington Park (but not in WA!) has an archery range.

22 09 2009

I am SOOOO jealous. The day I went Joe told me I could try it out and he was so excited and when he asked the range master he was told in no uncertain terms that parents were no longer being allowed to do it….. Sad cub scout, sad mom. Did you go the day before me? Hmmmm?

23 09 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Our kids will hate us in a few short years. Be happy, weird, and wacky with pride! Way to go!

23 09 2009

I’ve been whooping it up at Lauren’s soccer games and was recently informed that it was maybe, a little, tiny bit embarrassing. I just can’t seem to help myself.

23 09 2009

One of the few things I excel at in the area of sports is archery. I used to go out every day and practice on my bail of hay and a target. I got really good but it is really hard to build up enough strength to pull one back that has enough weight behind it to kill something so I never hunted. Although I could have hit it anywhere I wanted it would have merely scared what ever I aimed at. I worked at it for a time trying to get up the muscle but the most I could pull back was 45 lbs. You need a minimum of 70 for hunting. Curse these wimpy girly arms!!!

24 09 2009
Candice Rail

My big fear is having boys. I did not have brothers close to my age, and I never really understood the complete physicality of them (i.e. breaking things and each other).

However, if I have a boy, I will look forward to cub scout day camp. That sounded awesome. Congrats on the bulls eye, “the hole in one” of cub scout day camp. You are a cool Mom.

24 09 2009

My bow is up in the loft. You are more than welcome to use it, but I think it’s a 55lb. pull. You might need to lift some weights, but I think you could do it. I think a big foam dear in your backyard would be a nice addition, too!

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