29 09 2009

I’ve been slacking lately. Even though it’s almost October, I feel like I’m still trying to get into this school-schedule thing. I just keep forgetting things I’m supposed to do and places I’m supposed to be.

(I forgot I was committed to watch my neighbor’s son on Wednesday, and went visiting teaching instead. Oops.)

However, since I do have a couple of free hours everyday when Colby’s napping, I’ve been trying to organize a few things.

Like my hobby room.

I’m about halfway done.

Here’s (part of) my fabric stash, sitting on my bed while I try to sort it out:


Ugh. Seriously.

But now I know what I’ve got and where it’s at, so you all can look forward to receiving some darling flannel burp cloths for Christmas.

Actually, speaking of flannel, I had some leftover scraps from the birthday pennants I made last year sometime. I made another one, and now I’m giving it away.


It’s three yards long and reversible–apples and cherries with hearts on one side, rockets and planets on the other. It’s a great re-usable birthday decoration. I wish I could point you to where I saw it and give that person credit, but it was much too long ago. Sorry. We can just pretend it was my idea, if you want.

Comment on this post and I’ll draw a winner in, oh, say a week.

Congratulations on reading my blog even though it’s been boring lately. You could win. In fact, I hope you all win. That’s just the kind of person I am.