29 09 2009

I’ve been slacking lately. Even though it’s almost October, I feel like I’m still trying to get into this school-schedule thing. I just keep forgetting things I’m supposed to do and places I’m supposed to be.

(I forgot I was committed to watch my neighbor’s son on Wednesday, and went visiting teaching instead. Oops.)

However, since I do have a couple of free hours everyday when Colby’s napping, I’ve been trying to organize a few things.

Like my hobby room.

I’m about halfway done.

Here’s (part of) my fabric stash, sitting on my bed while I try to sort it out:


Ugh. Seriously.

But now I know what I’ve got and where it’s at, so you all can look forward to receiving some darling flannel burp cloths for Christmas.

Actually, speaking of flannel, I had some leftover scraps from the birthday pennants I made last year sometime. I made another one, and now I’m giving it away.


It’s three yards long and reversible–apples and cherries with hearts on one side, rockets and planets on the other. It’s a great re-usable birthday decoration. I wish I could point you to where I saw it and give that person credit, but it was much too long ago. Sorry. We can just pretend it was my idea, if you want.

Comment on this post and I’ll draw a winner in, oh, say a week.

Congratulations on reading my blog even though it’s been boring lately. You could win. In fact, I hope you all win. That’s just the kind of person I am.



14 responses

29 09 2009
John Smith

We could use with some birthday decór around here! 😀

29 09 2009

That banner is a great idea! I don’t like the store bought stuff.

29 09 2009

I am working on my birthday prowess. A banner would help. Your blog is not boring, by the way. I loved the Bullseye entry, for example. I was inspired, converted to all that is scouting, and laughed like crazy.

29 09 2009

here we go again…in third grade I always thought my art projects were cute…until I saw Wendy’s (and Niki’s)…I have made plenty of pennants….but reversible? Genius!!!

29 09 2009

Cute! My mom and I were talking about these the other day, i thought they were such a cute idea. By the wa I meant to tell you on Sunday, loved you hair! It was super cute.

29 09 2009
El Jefe

I’m thinking about starting a used car lot. The pennants would be a step in the right direction.

–El Jefe

29 09 2009

You KNOW I want some. Too bad they aren’t Hogwarts-esqe. I could’ve used them for Liam’s b-day party last week.

29 09 2009

If organizing fabric and sewing banners is your idea of slacking I don’t think we can be friends. Also, if it weren’t for my Blackberry & electronic reminders I would forget my own name. Sign me up for the cuteness!

29 09 2009

Me too. Our birthday decor in the past consists of computer paper and markers. Help please!

29 09 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Pick me!

30 09 2009
Jeanette Anderson

If I don’t win I want to know how to make them. What great birthday fun!

30 09 2009

oh, I’ve been meaning to make a birthday banner for years. Maybe I won’t have to:)

I have serious fabric stash envy…I wish my stash was that big!

30 09 2009

What a great idea Wendy! Now I know what to do with all the leftover fabric I have – I am making quilts for the girls for Christmas and I have a ton of extra squares – I’ll have to put them to good use 😀

3 10 2009

Ignore what Jeff says. I’ve been thinking of making something like this but since you already did…… Love you!

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