General Conference Art

7 10 2009


Eden and I made some General Conference Trading Cards. (Name those General Authorities!)


 Zack was kind enough to label his.


And lastly, just a random photo of Colby and Stinky the “binky”.

I’m off to northern Washington tomorrow for a couple of days to attend a writers’ retreat. I can’t wait!




8 responses

7 10 2009
Candice Rail

Your kids are amazing artists. The first top right one is the spitting image of Elder Hales.

Colby’s hair grew back! It is beautiful.

How cool that you are going to a writer’s conference. You inspire me to learn and learn.

7 10 2009

Nice art. I’m in love with the trading card idea.

P.S. I feel like I can smell Stinky from here.

7 10 2009
Mr. Smith

Dunno, Cook, and Monson.

7 10 2009

Good for you! Have fun!

7 10 2009

Have fun. I will miss you!! Even if I don’t see you every day it’s just nice to know you’re in the vacinity.

Enjoy your break and take time to breath and rejuvinate, not to mention develop your fantastic talents and strengthen friendships!

8 10 2009

Another one? So cool! Wish I could come, too. 🙂

9 10 2009

Nice art. I’m jealous about the retreat. Enjoy and have fun!

12 10 2009

I just realized I never posted the names of the people in the portraits. From left to right, President Monson, Elder Hales, and President Monson.

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