Mini Tutorial

12 10 2009

I think it was my cousin who asked for instructions on making the birthday flags. I didn’t take any pictures while I was making it, so you’ll have to use your imagination.

First, pick some fabric or use scraps. Felt would work great because it doesn’t fray. I used flannel, but if you do that you’ll want to cut it with some sort of pinking shears. I found two prints that had the same color palette, then bought four solids that coordinated with those.

I think I bought 1/4 yard of each of the solids, and 1/2 yard each of the prints. Or maybe it was a yard. Anyway, I used my killer math skills to figure out how to get the most triangles out of each piece of fabric, then used a rotary cutter (with a pinking blade) and a drawing triangle to cut them out.

I used white, extra-wide, double fold bias tape to bind them together. I set the triangles out in a pattern (using two triangles back-to-back for the prints) then stuck them to the top of the bias tape. I folded it back over, then sewed along the edge, stopping to add another triangle after each.

There you go: an easy-sew birthday pennant.


Coming soon: my recent sewing obsession and from whence it stems. (Does that sentence make you laugh? It does me. Seriously, though, how often does a person get to use the word “whence”?)



3 responses

12 10 2009

I love love love this flag set. I’ve already thought of a million uses for it. Thanks Wendy.

12 10 2009

I need to get a rotary cutter that takes a pinking blade. Those things are so handy! Thanks for the tute.
Hey, we need to go to the Science center, what’s this friday looking like for you?

14 10 2009
Jeanette Anderson

Thanks Wendy! I am sure I might have come up with something that some how worked, but why not get a tut from someone with experience.

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