Not So Spectacular

13 10 2009

So . . .

Rainbow did something good today at school and brought home a sticker.

It was red and white striped and smelled like peppermint.

It said, “Spectacular!” in exciting writing across it.

And somehow it ended up on my bum.



6 responses

14 10 2009

Did the sticker find its way there by accident or was it helped along? My kids are just getting into “Kick Me” signs and I can tell you that NEVER gets old.

14 10 2009

I would take it as a compliment from the universe and work it.

Plus, now your bum is minty fresh.

14 10 2009
Candice Rail

I actually laughed with my voice, which I really needed.

14 10 2009
El Jefe

Was it scratch ‘n’ sniff? Because that would be even more funny.

And spectacular.

–El Jefe

14 10 2009

I love you Wendy! Your blog rocks.

14 10 2009

WOW! Love that story…makes me laugh out loud. Where is the picture??

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