Journal Dive: June 28, 1990 (or 1989)

23 10 2009

In my first journal, I wasn’t very consistent (meaning I never did it) in writing down the year when I dated my entries. Apparently, I thought I would never forget the great year 1990 (or 1989) . It’s kind of a shame that I’m typing this out, since the handwriting is one of the best parts. I even used upside-down triangles with dots underneath for exclamation points; as you’ll soon see, I was quite fond of using them. Here’s a peek into my 13 (or 12) year-old brain:


June 28

I missed a couple of days [writing] because I was at Sarah’s.

We went to the sand dunes a couple of days ago. It was fun. We rode 4 wheelers. They brought 6 of them. The dunes were HUGE! It was a blast.

That night I stayed at Sarah and Emily’s house. So did Kathleen, Jeanette, Jennifer, and Kim. It was fun.

Then Kathleen and Jeanette went to their other grandma’s to stay.

We rode in the hayfeilds on the 4 wheelers turning bails. If the bail was turned wrong, we’d turn it so it was sitting up straight.

The next day (today) we turned bails again. I burned my leg on the muffler or radiator or something. It’s in 3 stripes like this on my knee:

[expertly drawn picture of three diagonal stripes]

It hurt dang bad. Then I rode back with Uncle Carl because he had to go to court for something.

Heidi’s back early! I was SO happy! Now she can meet Kathleen and Jeanette! Well, we went to a camp meeting. I’m president of the log decorating contest. We have a mtg. Sat. at 3.

Heidi came home with us and she stayed ’til about 9:30. It was fun. We played on the swings with Elizabeth when she came. Then Heidi left, and we made a play about a girl who falls in a hole and comes out and makes friends with elves. Then the wicked witch comes and gets mad. Then the good fairy gives Alison magic gloves that help the elves and herself turn the witch into stone. Then Alison goes home. It was pretty good. I love doing plays! They’re so fun!


 I kept all the original spellings, just in case you were wondering if I know how to spell “hayfield” and “bales” correctly. I do. (Now.) I don’t even know if I should comment about how ‘fun’ my life was, how much being the log decorating president changed my life, and how the favored name ‘Traci’ got replaced with ‘Alison’. I will resist, and let the journal speak for itself.

Wasn’t this fun?



4 responses

24 10 2009

this is so dang funny. It reads exactly like my early journals. I sometimes wonder what was the point of writing in them when I replay events then comment, “it was fun”.

24 10 2009
Rebecca Talley

Journals from teenage years are the best. How fun to review yours–not sure I’d want to review mine.

24 10 2009

Yep – fun! Or, in the words of my teenage journal, “sooo fun!”

26 10 2009

that was fun! Those summer trips to Idaho were my favorite. (I think I even did my 5th grade state report on Idaho, that’s how much I loved it) I think you should scan some entries in, I want to see those exclamation marks!

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