Beware the Blender

25 10 2009

I was pureeing the stock for some chicken noodle soup this evening (we’re feeling sickly ’round here), and overfilled the blender.

Bad bit of judgement on my part, especially considering the recently boiling temperature.


You’d think after using a blender for 20 years, I’d know how to do it without injuring myself.



12 responses

25 10 2009

Owie!!! Im glad you are ok. (I hope you really ARE ok….)

26 10 2009

OOOO, ow! So sorry. Did it blister?

26 10 2009

Ouch! How do you even keep an ice bag on that location to help it get better?? A mummy wrap around your head?

26 10 2009

wow, that looks like it hurts! Hope you and the rest of the family feel better soon. (cute hair btw)

26 10 2009

Ouch! I hope that is healing up quickly, and that everyone is feeling better after having chicken soup. La and the fan…you and the blender…am I next?

26 10 2009

Ouchie! So so sorry about the blender attack. Dangerous creatures, they are.
Is it wrong to have things like that happen and think, “Well, it’ll make a great blog post…” Last weekend Doodle stuck gum up his nose and my first reaction was, “Quick! Where’s the camera and how can I document this to make it as funny as it is?”

26 10 2009

I did that same thing when making applesauce but it hit my hand. 3rd degree burns and a pretty scar to prove it. If anyone asks how I got it, I’m going with knife fight.

27 10 2009

glad your ok…ouch.

27 10 2009

So, dumb question, but what is “pureeing the stock” mean? Don’t you just use chicken broth like me? I have never gotten my blender out for soup, so I’m curious!

27 10 2009

HBA–Watch out for those household implements. You never know when they’ll sneak up on you . . .

Dina–No blistering, thank goodness. The one on my wrist has a little blister, but here’s hoping they’ll disappear over time (because I am vain).

I cook the chicken in water with a couple of ribs of celery and a quartered onion. After it’s done cooking, I take out the chicken and puree the rest in order to trick my family into eating celery. So far, so good. I still end up adding bullion to the broth, though, probably because I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts instead of the whole chicken. Too bad in this particular instance I didn’t go for the chicken broth convenience.

27 10 2009

Although you have a big burn on your neck, I can’t help admiring your hair. Very cute. And I’m glad you’re ok.

Beware, HBA, beware! My only advice to avoid injury is to stop cooking and cleaning right now!


28 10 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Nice try “Wanda”.

Honeymoom hickey compliments of “Stan”!

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