Journal Dive: 30 January 2003

30 10 2009

(At the very top of this page, seemingly unconnected with, well, anything, is this:)

There’s just something about bias plaid.

(Food for thought today. Then there’s a “Visitor” sticker/nametag stuck on the page. Now, the actual entry.)

30 January 2003

I’m sitting by Angelie, again, but this time it’s for Relief Society. She’s so hilarious. I hope she doesn’t make me be irreverent. It’s a concert sort of thing. The nice thing is, you can’t read a book in a concert without seeming rude. But if you write, everyone just thinks “Oh, she’s taking notes. She must be really spiritual.”

[Six pictures are drawn in right here, of a shoe, two people, a chapel light fixture, and a couple of other things.]

their last song was the best. that’s how it should be.