Journal Dive: 30 January 2003

30 10 2009

(At the very top of this page, seemingly unconnected with, well, anything, is this:)

There’s just something about bias plaid.

(Food for thought today. Then there’s a “Visitor” sticker/nametag stuck on the page. Now, the actual entry.)

30 January 2003

I’m sitting by Angelie, again, but this time it’s for Relief Society. She’s so hilarious. I hope she doesn’t make me be irreverent. It’s a concert sort of thing. The nice thing is, you can’t read a book in a concert without seeming rude. But if you write, everyone just thinks “Oh, she’s taking notes. She must be really spiritual.”

[Six pictures are drawn in right here, of a shoe, two people, a chapel light fixture, and a couple of other things.]

their last song was the best. that’s how it should be.



6 responses

30 10 2009

I love your journal dives, they’re fun!

30 10 2009
Mrs. Olsen

My dad always doodled during sacrament meeting and write letters on the sacrament programs. Then he would send them to me when I was a missionary. I loved it!

What is bias plaid?

30 10 2009

I have a friend who is always working on a project. She brings them (crocheting, quilting, embroidery, knitting) to everything that she can. Just think how much more productive we’d all be if these things weren’t frowned upon at our church meetings. Also, I’d have to learn to do one of the above first.

30 10 2009

You inspire me to keep a better journal! Everyday sounds so -interesting… Do we get to make journal dive requests? I’d like to hear about a certain cookie eating incident… (even though I never made cookies, I was good at eating them!)

30 10 2009

And tomorrow class we will add an addition to our observations of our case study of people who suffer from ADD so don’t be late!

30 10 2009

Ha ha ha! I definitely have issues with focusing. Case in point: the 30 projects laying around my house in various states of unfinished-ness.

Bias plaid is where they cut the fabric on the bias, so the plaid comes out diagonal on the garment instead of square.

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