Facebook Arguments

31 10 2009

I’ve been invited to join Facebook.

I can’t decide if I should or not.

So, all you Facebook-ers out there, what do you say? Is it worth it? Will I waste too much time on it? Will I feel bad rejecting someone (virtually) if I really don’t want to be their friend?

I already spend a lot of time online, what with blogging and Merriam-Webster’s word games. Not to mention library stuff, Goodreads stuff, and research stuff. Oh, and email (although someone sent me an article [via email] that said email is on its way out).

How much time do you spend on Facebook? Will my blog wither and die–if not from neglect, then from jealousy?

Please advise.



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31 10 2009

It’s all about balance. I love reconnecting with friends from my past. I love going on to see what their status update is because it gives me a little peak into their day. I love that when I update my status with something funny or interesting people respond and say, hey…that’s cool/sad/funny or just let me know they heard me.
Yes, it can be addicting. But so can anything. I started actually playing a game on there where you create a farm. probably not the best thing cause I stay on there longer, but alas…I have few online vices and I guess that is it!

There are some great ways to let others know about the gospel, just like with a blog.

31 10 2009

First: you at least have to join before Ty and make HIM the last sibling on Facebook.
Second: You can spend too much time, but really, I think the time is spent in the beginning when you are making many different connections, and then it is just to check what funny/interesting things people might have to say.
Third: Your blog will not suffer–I think that facebook and blogging are 2 different things: blogging is for more in depth knowledge, while facebook is to reconnect/keep in contact with people you wouldn’t otherwise.
Fourth: Sandi currently has 10 people sitting in “facebook purgatory,” meaning they may not come out. I have rejected a fair number of people, and there is no way that they find out (unless they are anxiously awaiting for you approval).
Fifth: If that really bothers you, you can set up lists with different sets of privacy, I have full, moderate, and limited.
Sixth: Scramble. I can’t get anywhere near my brothers (or my wife,) but it is a continual reminder of why I hate boggle. (just kidding).

31 10 2009

Tami–One of the reasons I’m revisiting the Facebook issue is because Sister Disque was talking about Facebook and playing that farming game. Sister Disque is more in than me! The bluetooth should have clued me in.

Mike–So, there’s no section that says “These People Do Not Want to Be Your Friends”? Also, Scramble is a big reason I haven’t gotten on Facebook yet. Boggle all the time? Deadly. Completely deadly.

31 10 2009


There is nothing that says “Mike Archibald has denied your friendship request.” Nothing like that appears, so unless they are waiting with bated breath (or is it baited?) for your acceptance, they most likely won’t know.

31 10 2009

I’m a limited Facebook user. I dont’ have that many “friends” by choice and I don’t play any of the games. I used to be a game addict before kids, so I don’t even start now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I like it because I can stay a little bit connected with people I wouldn’t call or e-mail often, but I haven’t gone out and found lots of people way in my past. I kind of like living in the here and now, and that’s who I’m friending on FB. I do notice that it’s a real time sink for other people, though.

It won’t replace your blog!

So, come to the dark side…….

31 10 2009

Hm. Valid questions, valid fears.
1) The games can be a trap, and quite a time waster if you let them get the best of you… But I’m a big fan of things that help you unwind, so there’s definitely a place for that too. I loved the scrabble game – it was fun to play with my friends in different states… Ah, the miracles of modern conveniences.

2) Rejecting someone doesn’t make you feel nearly as bad as you think it might. Kind of healthy in a way. And you probably don’t have anyone in your past you’re trying to avoid anyway.

3) It’s very different from a blog. Facebook is like bumping into someone in the grocery store and spending a few seconds catching up – except you can do that with people you love who live far, far away! I love it. Blogging is more like peeking into someone’s journal/scrapbook. I love that too. It appeals to the snoop inside me.
You’ll find your balance in one or the other depending on which you like more.

4) I can’t wait to read the funny things you write in your status updates (!!!!!!!) so I hope you join. ๐Ÿ™‚

5) If you hate it, you can just forget to login.

6) If this comment gets any longer, someone is going to report me to the long-boring-comment-police. I’d better stop.

31 10 2009

Well, since we are friends now I guess you’ve made up your mind. I spent a sad, sad day sucked into some of the games and I haven’t gone back since. I’m a fan of status updates though.

1 11 2009

Hey Wendy, did you know you could RSS feed your blog into your facebook page and vice versa. Every time I post a blog entry my status updates it in facebook so people there can either read it from facebook or go to your blog. So no I would not say it has taken away from my blogging in any way as a matter of fact more people have been looking at it since I started fbing.

4 11 2009

Hey I am glad you decided to join. Now maybe I will not feel as guilty about not updating my blog (sorry I know I stink at that). There are lots of pictures of Carolina on facebook in case you decide to be my friend. PS I love your blog!

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