Give Thanks

29 11 2009

I forgot my camera when we went on our Thanksgiving trip.


You’ll just have to imagine taking an hour and a half to go thirty miles, eight excited cousins, Wii playing galore, a fantastic turkey (done to a turn!), orange rolls, cousins of parents (along with their kids), pie, Nerf dart wars, games, laughing, crying, laughing, laughing, laughing, staying up too late, pedicures, pickles, New Moon, dinner at a diner, taking 25 minutes to go thirty miles, and homecoming.

It was a great trip.

Yesterday, I cleaned the whole house, entertained a bunch of kids that weren’t my own, and got asked every five minutes, “Is it time to put up the Christmas tree? Can we put on the ornaments now?”

Before we plunge completely into Christmas and all the fun-filled traditions it brings with it, I wanted to share a little something we did this year that I think will give Thanksgiving a tradition of its own.

The first Monday of November I needed to scrape together a family home evening lesson at the last minute (which only happens about three times a month, honest) and decided to kick off Thanksgiving month by leaving a jar on the table with little strips of paper and pens in a cup. That night, we all thought of four or five things we are grateful for, wrote them down, and put them in a jar. Throughout the month, it has stayed on our table and been added to fairly faithfully.

Since I know you were wondering what the Jones family is thankful for, I’m going to quench your curiosity. 

  •  bees
  • houses
  • Eden
  • teachers
  • Addie/friends
  • church
  • muffins
  • shopping with slaves (or daughters)
  • shopping with evil moms (mom)
  • D.S.
  • Eden
  • the earth
  • Colby’s laughter
  • water, milk
  • scriptures
  • [one is colored completely with a purple marker; it represents ‘grapes’ and ‘the color purple’]
  • sisters
  • Ranch
  • tap dancing . . . especially little girls doing it.
  • neighbors
  • God
  • birthday (guess who wrote that one . . . )
  • rock music
  • Jesus
  • shcool
  • Stan
  • bacon
  • holidays
  • video games
  • sun, rain, grass, and nature
  • food
  • shcool (I’m not kidding–this was written, like this, twice. So why do they complain so much when it’s time to go?)
  • balloons
  • a good job
  • aunts, uncles
  • tree
  • Thanksgiving
  • A $7 dress from Ann Taylor
  • Bible
  • brothers
  • Christmas music
  • band aid
  • movies
  • teeth
  • grandmas, grandpas
  • drinks
  • Dad Mom
  • counselors
  • fowers (I think it’s supposed to be “flowers” . . . or possibly “powers”)
  • rock candy
  • grilled cheese
  • home teachers
  • jolly ranchers
  • a bike
  • popcorn
  • Rainbow’s faces
  • animals
  • sky
  • candy
  • pumpkins
  • a car
  • cups
  • peppermints
  • vegetables
  • t.v.
  • songs
  • ticklemonster
  • plates
  • fruit
  • family
  • Colby
  • sleep
  • creativity
  • Gerald and Piggie
  • dancing
  • Zack’s jokes
  • paper airplanes
  • Zack
  • good health
  • pianos
  • Body! Teeth, ears, eyes, hands, feet
  • food
  • body
  • clothes
  • Eden
  • cool kids
  • brothers and sisters
  • family
  • Blackie
  • milk
  • Eden’s hugs
  • Thanksgiving
  • music
  • laughing
  • music
  • family
  • a pillow for my head
  • Zack
  • Colby
  • Rainbow
  • life
  • Jesus
  • books
  • the Gospel
  • Mom
  • a Home
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Eden
  • Rainbow
  • Colby
  • Movies
  • 3-D
  • computer
  • [a picture of Browny]
  • clothes
  • food
  • The Arrow of Light (Zack wrote this–he’s going to get it someday in Cub Scouts)
  • house
  • water
  • family

You can definitely tell that, sitting on the table as it was, our mealtimes were a constant inspiration. You can also see, as we got to the bottom of the jar, what things we were thankful for first.

As a final note, I’m thankful for my blog readers. Thank you for hearing me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


23 11 2009

Rainbow’s big day was last week. She reveled in her “Birthday Girl” status.

One of the great things about Rainbow is she gets so excited about opening presents–even when it’s something she’ll have to share with her siblings (like a Wii Motion plus adapter thingie).

Her own set of markers! (Very exciting, especially because Mom won’t share hers.)

“The box just meowed at me!”


Lulu was a big hit. (With the kids, anyway.)

Colby loved the balloons. He walked around the house, looking at things through them.

(Extra points if you can do it with a dolphin in your mouth.)

Have I mentioned that Colby plays piano for probably an hour a day? Look at that picture–he’s playing CHORDS. Time to find a special-needs piano teacher. (Or, someone who teaches piano to those with special needs. Whichever.)

No cake this year–the birthday girl requested donuts. They were delicious (and easy).

After spending hours making dog clothes, I almost forgot to give them to her.

I didn’t even wrap them, since the “party” was almost over. I just held them behind my back and said, “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

Later that night, she asked when I could make Blackie some pajamas.


(At least she didn’t request clothes for the cat.)


Happy Birthday, Rainbow! We love having you in our family.


16 11 2009

Madame Rainbow’s birthday is tomorrow–a much anticipated event, to be sure–and I made the mistake of taking Zack and Eden with me when I went shopping for a gift.

Had I not had them with me, there is no way in the world I would have bought this:

It gives me the shivers. I honestly don’t know how they talked me into it.



Anyway, I’ve also been busy making dance bags for the girls (I’ll post a pic later because they turned out spectacular) and dog clothes for Rainbow’s stuffed dog Blackie.

I’ll let you know tomorrow if cat clothes now make the request box. (Except I’m already certain I’ll refuse. Seriously, I don’t think I want to be in the same room as that thing. [shiver])


P.S. The “cat’s out of the bag,” apparently. Zack “accidentally” let it slip yesterday when Rainbow said something, and Eden cried and whined so much about it there’s no way Rainbow could have mistaken it for a strange coincidence. Also, I wrapped the cat and stuck it in the corner of the sewing room; last night, after dislodging dog clothing pattern ideas from my brain, I left the room and must have jostled something. It meowed at me. Ugh!

Good Thoughts on a Rainy Day

7 11 2009

I was speed checking blogs this morning, and was blessed to read this blog post by my sister-in-law (la?).

I love it.

Thanks, Lady La, for changing my perspective this morning.



P.S. I can’t get into Facebook today. It’s driving me crazy. Less than a week, and it’s already altering my life!

Journal Dive: 13 December 1995

6 11 2009

This journal dive is dedicated to Ina, who requested it. Just as some background, I was in my first year at Ricks College. We named our apartment “Smoo” and decided that for one week, each of us living in our apartment would wear the same outfit on a different day to see if anyone noticed. (No one did.) Also, I had a tiny crush on this boy that I played with in drum line. I think that’s background enough.

[Drawing of a regular outfit–shirt, cardigan, pants.]

“This is a rough drawing of SMOO’S OUTFIT OF THE WEEK. Today was my day to wear it. Don’t ask how we thought it up. We were just being silly and it happened. I got 2 compliments on it today, though. Probably because it’s a lot preppier than I usually dress. Ew. I’ve got to stay away from that trendy business.

Tonight I accompanied Ina Jane to the ‘Women’s Glee and Percussion Ensemble Concert.’ It was quite good. I enjoy listening to the percussion ensemble–probably because I have friends in it. Jared–yes, he was in it, too. I should’ve talked to him after. [A few more sentences of self-recrimination. Et cetera and so on.]

While the rest of our roomies were at the movie, Ina and I stayed home to study. Laura and Melissa came over from next door with 6 hot cookies. Yummy! They were so scrumptious. They had one walnut on top and a chocolate mint hidden inside. Fantastic! They were so delicious, Ina and I ate them all up. But SHHHH! Don’t tell my roommates. They might be upset.

School is winding down–HOORAY!

Christmas is coming–HOORAY!

But there isn’t any snow.  [Drawing of a frowny face.]”

So . . . the cookie-stealing story sounds a bit lackluster here. This is more how I remember it:

Ina and I sat across from each other in the living area of our apartment. The lights were off, except for a string or two of Christmas lights that were dangling from the half partition leading to the kitchen. Carols played softly on the stereo, and I’m pretty sure there was even a scented candle burning. Ina, as usual, had the heat turned way up, so it was nice and cozy and quiet while we studied for our finals.

Tap, tap, tap.

Someone was knocking on the door.

Melissa and Laura (gosh, she was so pretty) from 106 stood there. “Merry Christmas!” they sang, holding out a spatula with two piles of cookies stacked on top.

We ushered them in, set the cookies on a plate on the table, thanked them profusely. “This is so sweet,” we said.

They had other deliveries to make, so they left right away. Laura turned back at the door, saying over her shoulder, “They’re best when you eat them hot.”

After the door closed behind them, Ina and I again murmured about how sweet it was of them to bring us Christmas treats. We mutually agreed that a study break was in order and sat at the table with one cookie each.

The thing about these cookies was they were so unexpected. They looked innocuous–white with a walnut on the top–like some sort of meringue, perhaps. When I bit into mine, though–WOW! Surprise! A soft, gooey, melty Andes mint was inside.

They were so good.

Ina and I each got a glass of milk. We sat back down at the table, still savoring the chocolatey-minty goodness sticking in our mouths.

We each took a sip of milk.

We looked at each other.

We looked at the cookies.

“They did say the cookies taste best when they’re hot . . . ”

“How would everyone else find out, anyway?”

Our agreement was silent. We fell on the remaining four cookies like ravenous wolves.

They still tasted good, even though they were ill-gotten.

And the others didn’t find out until we eventually* broke from the guilt and ‘fessed up.

Isn’t that about how it went, Ina? And didn’t we deserve it for staying home and studying instead of going to the movie?

Yes, I thought so, too.



*Three months later

Halloween Recap

3 11 2009

I don’t really feel like doing this right now, but I promised my mom I would do it today. Everyone knows you should always do what your mom tells you (and you should also always do what you told your mom you would).


Don’t be looking for any scintillating prose.


That’s pretty much all you’re going to get out of my scrambled brain today.


Guess who loved his costume? If he knew how to speak, I’m sure he would have been yelling, “Get it off me! Just get it off!”

20091103_181 The fairest Fairy Godmother.


Mulan has taken up meditation.


Watch out for that wand! He can really do some damage if he sets his mind to it.


Despite their grouchy mom, everyone seemed to have a


By the way . . .


. . . just in case you didn’t already know.