Halloween Recap

3 11 2009

I don’t really feel like doing this right now, but I promised my mom I would do it today. Everyone knows you should always do what your mom tells you (and you should also always do what you told your mom you would).


Don’t be looking for any scintillating prose.


That’s pretty much all you’re going to get out of my scrambled brain today.


Guess who loved his costume? If he knew how to speak, I’m sure he would have been yelling, “Get it off me! Just get it off!”

20091103_181 The fairest Fairy Godmother.


Mulan has taken up meditation.


Watch out for that wand! He can really do some damage if he sets his mind to it.


Despite their grouchy mom, everyone seemed to have a


By the way . . .


. . . just in case you didn’t already know.




11 responses

3 11 2009

Who drew the 2nd to last picture? Well, I should also ask who drew the last one, but my guess is it wasn’t you.

Did you sew their costumes? Did Colby go out in his? Didn’t anyone tell you that no one really wants to be a lion? 🙂

3 11 2009

Drawings, by artists, in order of appearance: Wendy, Eden. During Sacrament Meeting on Sunday.

I made Zack and Eden’s costumes, and Rainbow’s skirt. Colby stayed inside with me, and all I had to do was feel the inside of the costume (super scratchy) to realize why he was screaming.

3 11 2009

I still think you should hang the Jesus Rocks picture in your car window.

3 11 2009

Thanks for the pictures sweet Wendy. Your kids are so lucky to have you for a Mom. Colby is a cute but cranky lion. Love you.

3 11 2009

You draw, too?!? Your talents are never-ending. I love the costumes.

4 11 2009

I agree. Never ending talents. What a great drawing! I can’t even draw stick people. What’s next? Climbing Everest? Building your own home from recyclables? 🙂

4 11 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Oooh, you’re an arteest. Me likey.

Mulan cracked me up. Happy Halloween!

4 11 2009

So I think you should illustrate your own books! You rock!

4 11 2009

I love how you drew the dolphin in Colby’s mouth…too cute!
Has Eden born her testimony about that yet? That would rock!!
Your kids are all adorable.

5 11 2009

When you write/illustrate that kids’ book, let me know. I’ll be there at the book signing with copy in hand.

14 12 2009


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