23 11 2009

Rainbow’s big day was last week. She reveled in her “Birthday Girl” status.

One of the great things about Rainbow is she gets so excited about opening presents–even when it’s something she’ll have to share with her siblings (like a Wii Motion plus adapter thingie).

Her own set of markers! (Very exciting, especially because Mom won’t share hers.)

“The box just meowed at me!”


Lulu was a big hit. (With the kids, anyway.)

Colby loved the balloons. He walked around the house, looking at things through them.

(Extra points if you can do it with a dolphin in your mouth.)

Have I mentioned that Colby plays piano for probably an hour a day? Look at that picture–he’s playing CHORDS. Time to find a special-needs piano teacher. (Or, someone who teaches piano to those with special needs. Whichever.)

No cake this year–the birthday girl requested donuts. They were delicious (and easy).

After spending hours making dog clothes, I almost forgot to give them to her.

I didn’t even wrap them, since the “party” was almost over. I just held them behind my back and said, “Close your eyes and hold out your hands.”

Later that night, she asked when I could make Blackie some pajamas.


(At least she didn’t request clothes for the cat.)


Happy Birthday, Rainbow! We love having you in our family.



9 responses

23 11 2009

too cute. Your little girl even makes that freaky cat look kinda cute…sort of.

23 11 2009

So cute! Glad she had a good birthday. At least you don’t have to worry about Colby putting the balloons in his mouth–the dolphin’s already there!

See you in 2 days!

23 11 2009
El Jefe

Happy Birthday, Rainbow! So happy for you–looks like you got some awesome presents.

Love, El Jefe and family

24 11 2009

Oh, the present opening face. I love it. I also love that you forgot a gift. Such a mom thing to do. I still remember the time my mom forgot to give me my giant watch clock (remember those?) one Christmas. Made for a memorable gift.

You havebeautiful children.

24 11 2009

HI. I love the picture of “it just meowed at me” priceless!!! She is so cute and I can’t believe she is 6! Yikes!

24 11 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Looks like a success. I hope the cat remains dear to the whole family 😉

25 11 2009

I love how excited she is to get a wiiMote! What a cutie.
Colby has got some skills, he can really spread those fingers.
That last pic of your 3 oldest is perfect.

27 11 2009

I saw the cat in Toys R Us today and wanted to crack up.
I love all of Rainbow’s expressions but I especially love the ones of Colby looking through the balloon. So cute!

29 11 2009

Thought you might get a kick out of my first thought when I saw the title of this post on my RSS feed.
“What?! Is she pregnant with twins?! No way!!!”

It was then I realized the need to let go of my obsession with the number FOUR. Numbers can refer to many things aside from the number of children one has. Really, they can.

But it made me laugh. So I thought I’d share.
Happy #6 Eden!

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