Give Thanks

29 11 2009

I forgot my camera when we went on our Thanksgiving trip.


You’ll just have to imagine taking an hour and a half to go thirty miles, eight excited cousins, Wii playing galore, a fantastic turkey (done to a turn!), orange rolls, cousins of parents (along with their kids), pie, Nerf dart wars, games, laughing, crying, laughing, laughing, laughing, staying up too late, pedicures, pickles, New Moon, dinner at a diner, taking 25 minutes to go thirty miles, and homecoming.

It was a great trip.

Yesterday, I cleaned the whole house, entertained a bunch of kids that weren’t my own, and got asked every five minutes, “Is it time to put up the Christmas tree? Can we put on the ornaments now?”

Before we plunge completely into Christmas and all the fun-filled traditions it brings with it, I wanted to share a little something we did this year that I think will give Thanksgiving a tradition of its own.

The first Monday of November I needed to scrape together a family home evening lesson at the last minute (which only happens about three times a month, honest) and decided to kick off Thanksgiving month by leaving a jar on the table with little strips of paper and pens in a cup. That night, we all thought of four or five things we are grateful for, wrote them down, and put them in a jar. Throughout the month, it has stayed on our table and been added to fairly faithfully.

Since I know you were wondering what the Jones family is thankful for, I’m going to quench your curiosity. 

  •  bees
  • houses
  • Eden
  • teachers
  • Addie/friends
  • church
  • muffins
  • shopping with slaves (or daughters)
  • shopping with evil moms (mom)
  • D.S.
  • Eden
  • the earth
  • Colby’s laughter
  • water, milk
  • scriptures
  • [one is colored completely with a purple marker; it represents ‘grapes’ and ‘the color purple’]
  • sisters
  • Ranch
  • tap dancing . . . especially little girls doing it.
  • neighbors
  • God
  • birthday (guess who wrote that one . . . )
  • rock music
  • Jesus
  • shcool
  • Stan
  • bacon
  • holidays
  • video games
  • sun, rain, grass, and nature
  • food
  • shcool (I’m not kidding–this was written, like this, twice. So why do they complain so much when it’s time to go?)
  • balloons
  • a good job
  • aunts, uncles
  • tree
  • Thanksgiving
  • A $7 dress from Ann Taylor
  • Bible
  • brothers
  • Christmas music
  • band aid
  • movies
  • teeth
  • grandmas, grandpas
  • drinks
  • Dad Mom
  • counselors
  • fowers (I think it’s supposed to be “flowers” . . . or possibly “powers”)
  • rock candy
  • grilled cheese
  • home teachers
  • jolly ranchers
  • a bike
  • popcorn
  • Rainbow’s faces
  • animals
  • sky
  • candy
  • pumpkins
  • a car
  • cups
  • peppermints
  • vegetables
  • t.v.
  • songs
  • ticklemonster
  • plates
  • fruit
  • family
  • Colby
  • sleep
  • creativity
  • Gerald and Piggie
  • dancing
  • Zack’s jokes
  • paper airplanes
  • Zack
  • good health
  • pianos
  • Body! Teeth, ears, eyes, hands, feet
  • food
  • body
  • clothes
  • Eden
  • cool kids
  • brothers and sisters
  • family
  • Blackie
  • milk
  • Eden’s hugs
  • Thanksgiving
  • music
  • laughing
  • music
  • family
  • a pillow for my head
  • Zack
  • Colby
  • Rainbow
  • life
  • Jesus
  • books
  • the Gospel
  • Mom
  • a Home
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Eden
  • Rainbow
  • Colby
  • Movies
  • 3-D
  • computer
  • [a picture of Browny]
  • clothes
  • food
  • The Arrow of Light (Zack wrote this–he’s going to get it someday in Cub Scouts)
  • house
  • water
  • family

You can definitely tell that, sitting on the table as it was, our mealtimes were a constant inspiration. You can also see, as we got to the bottom of the jar, what things we were thankful for first.

As a final note, I’m thankful for my blog readers. Thank you for hearing me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



9 responses

29 11 2009

It was fun! Thanks for making the trip. I can’t believe the raisins didn’t make the list…..

29 11 2009

Awesome! Love it! I thoroughly enjoy your posts even without pictures, which is saying a lot.

29 11 2009

What a great idea! Love it….

29 11 2009

Thanks for posting it was fun to read them all.

29 11 2009

I’m thankful you made the trip and we got to see you on Thanksgiving… and I learned your children’s real names again! I like your Thankful jar- fun tradition.

29 11 2009

That is a great idea! I think we’ll be using it next year. (if I remember)

And I need to go shopping with you…a $7 Ann Taylor dress…awesome!

30 11 2009

Great FHE/Thanksgiving idea. Wish you would have shared it a month ago!

30 11 2009

I love it! I, too, am thankful for bees, Rainbow’s face, and clothes (both for me and for the people around me). Thanks for sharing the whole list.

1 12 2009
Mrs. Olsen

Purple! shcool was a good one.

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. Adios!

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