Merry Christmas!

24 12 2009

Away in a manger, no crib for his bed,

The little Lord Jesus laid down his sweet head.

The stars in the heavens looked down where he lay:

The little Lord Jesus, asleep on the hay.

The cattle are lowing —- wait a minute.

Where did that monkey come from?

Hmm. I guess he hitched a ride with the Magi.

Welcome to my life: a little bit strange, a little bit off, but doing its best to stay focused on the important things.

Merry Christmas one and all. May you enjoy the blessings of this day with those you love.

El Recitidad

21 12 2009

I don’t think that’s actually Spanish, but I guess I’m trying to be like my sister-in-law who does know Spanish. (I’m probably swearing or something.)

Anyway, Saturday was our first ever dance recital. The girls were excited (and a little nervous). They looked darling, and I was able to sit on the front row during the dress rehearsal and take pictures.

Unfortunately, the dress rehearsal was fairly long (especially when you’re six), and when combined with an unfortuante incident where the same six-year-old hit her head on the hoop skirt of Madame BonBon (who was actually a man, but that’s a whole other bit of craziness), it made my Rainbow fly into a pout over actually participating in the performance.


I talked and prodded and threatened, but she remained unmoved.

The saving grace in this situation? Her older brother, expressing mild (very mild) interest in seeing her jump out from underneath a hoop skirt.

Those older brothers. You’ve got to love them, if they don’t kill you first.


Here’s my Rainbow, testing out the tutu with a sassy swaggle during dress rehearsal.

This is Rainbow’s “stage face” (almost as good as Kate’s, Mandy), along with her “stage stance:” standing with her hands on her hips, sticking her ribs out. It is, apparently, how ballerinas are supposed to stand.

I guess these are out of order, because here she is (on the far right) jumping out from under the hoop skirt.

 Eden, while much easier to cajole into performance, cried when I did her hair. I swear she has super-nerves on her head.

But she’s pretty much the cutest girl dressed up in a flourescent Chinese costume you’ve ever seen, no?

Dance Recital: Done.

Thank goodness.

As Close To Christmas Cards as I’m Going to Get This Year

20 12 2009

It’s blurry, and one’s running away so his head’s gigantic.

But they’re still cute.

Learning Curve

12 12 2009

Just yesterday he couldn’t open the Play-Doh can without help.

Journal Dive: 15 November 2007

11 12 2009

[When I wrote this, Eden was five and in kindergarten, and Zack was seven and in second grade.]

Last week, I was getting ready to head upstairs to feed Colby when I noticed the time. Eden and Zack were due to arrive home in about ten minutes, so I unlocked the front door on my way upstairs. I fed Colby, and about ten minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I knew it was Zack and Eden; they like to ring the doorbell and hide behind the house, shouting, “BOO!” when I open the door. Since I was in the middle of feeding the baby, I ignored it.

Several minutes passed, and they continued ringing the doorbell and knocking. Suddenly, all was silent and I had a weird deja vu where I saw myself turning the lock the wrong way–locking it instead of unlocking it. I immediately went downstairs where, sure enough, the front door was locked. Both kids were in tears, and through their crying they told me how Zack had started off to the neighbors, then came back because he didn’t want to leave Eden. Eden, clutching me around the legs, said in a trying-to-talk-while-crying voice, “When Zack left, I said a prayer that you would come. I prayed that you would come.”

I was a bit teary myself when I told her, “Your prayer was answered. Here I am. I thought you and Zack were just playing around, but then I had a feeling I should come and check.”

It’s humbling to be used to answer someone’s prayer. I’m so grateful I was able to.


3 12 2009

As I was showering this morning, I flipped my iPod to Christmas 1984 by the Mannheim Steamrollers.

I know. Completely crazy. I don’t even like the Mannheim Steamrollers. Why would I voluntarily listen to techno-Christmas music?

I think I figured out the reason, though. It’s because my parents like the Mannheim Steamrollers. Playing Christmas 1984 really loud while I showered made it feel like Christmas.

And, since it’s only the third and December is already kicking my butt (we don’t say that at our house, but “kicking my bottom” just doesn’t have that slangy zing I’m going for here), I definitely need a little more of that Christmas spirit going on.

P.S. After listening to the album whilst getting ready, I realized I actually do like it. All except for that horrid version of “Deck the Halls.” Save me from synthesizers, please.

P.P.S. If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one Christmas song to play, what would be the worst thing to have:

  1. Deck the Halls by Mannheim Steamrollers
  2. The Twelve Days of Christmas by the Chipmunks    or
  3. The Little Drummer Boy by anyone 

Let me know. I’ve been thinking about it all day.