3 12 2009

As I was showering this morning, I flipped my iPod to Christmas 1984 by the Mannheim Steamrollers.

I know. Completely crazy. I don’t even like the Mannheim Steamrollers. Why would I voluntarily listen to techno-Christmas music?

I think I figured out the reason, though. It’s because my parents like the Mannheim Steamrollers. Playing Christmas 1984 really loud while I showered made it feel like Christmas.

And, since it’s only the third and December is already kicking my butt (we don’t say that at our house, but “kicking my bottom” just doesn’t have that slangy zing I’m going for here), I definitely need a little more of that Christmas spirit going on.

P.S. After listening to the album whilst getting ready, I realized I actually do like it. All except for that horrid version of “Deck the Halls.” Save me from synthesizers, please.

P.P.S. If you were stranded on a desert island and only had one Christmas song to play, what would be the worst thing to have:

  1. Deck the Halls by Mannheim Steamrollers
  2. The Twelve Days of Christmas by the Chipmunks    or
  3. The Little Drummer Boy by anyone 

Let me know. I’ve been thinking about it all day.