Journal Dive: 15 November 2007

11 12 2009

[When I wrote this, Eden was five and in kindergarten, and Zack was seven and in second grade.]

Last week, I was getting ready to head upstairs to feed Colby when I noticed the time. Eden and Zack were due to arrive home in about ten minutes, so I unlocked the front door on my way upstairs. I fed Colby, and about ten minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I knew it was Zack and Eden; they like to ring the doorbell and hide behind the house, shouting, “BOO!” when I open the door. Since I was in the middle of feeding the baby, I ignored it.

Several minutes passed, and they continued ringing the doorbell and knocking. Suddenly, all was silent and I had a weird deja vu where I saw myself turning the lock the wrong way–locking it instead of unlocking it. I immediately went downstairs where, sure enough, the front door was locked. Both kids were in tears, and through their crying they told me how Zack had started off to the neighbors, then came back because he didn’t want to leave Eden. Eden, clutching me around the legs, said in a trying-to-talk-while-crying voice, “When Zack left, I said a prayer that you would come. I prayed that you would come.”

I was a bit teary myself when I told her, “Your prayer was answered. Here I am. I thought you and Zack were just playing around, but then I had a feeling I should come and check.”

It’s humbling to be used to answer someone’s prayer. I’m so grateful I was able to.