Learning Curve

12 12 2009

Just yesterday he couldn’t open the Play-Doh can without help.



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12 12 2009

Yay! Good for Colby. Here’s to many cans of dried up Play-Doh in your future.

12 12 2009

ohhh, so sweet! He looks so proud.

13 12 2009

Yah, Colby! And I’m impressed that you have so many unmixed containers of play-doh.

13 12 2009

Oh my goodness! That is quite the impressive playdoh collection! What a cute kid. I just want to squeeze him!

13 12 2009
Mrs. Olsen

You are in trouble. Look at all those colors that will soon be mixed into poo brown!

15 12 2009

Look at that face!! He is so proud of himself! What a guy!

16 12 2009

HBA–I had just gotten a 24-can box of Play-Doh. Brand new the day before. Usually I parcel it out one can at a time.

Amber–Yes, it did not take long for the mixing to begin. But think of how realistic your Play-Doh looks when you try to make poo! It’s amazing, really, how easily a piece of poo colored Play-Doh on the floor looks EXACTLY like real poo.

His love affair with Play-Doh is all to good effect, though–yesterday he said “dough” (which sounds quite like “door,” although I’m not complaining), bringing his total word count up to five. Yippee!

17 12 2009

Awesome news on the word count, that is so cool.

I love that picture, by the way. He looks so proud!

20 12 2009

I love how they’re all lined up. Don’t you wish this could be the learning curve for other things . . . like poop?

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