El Recitidad

21 12 2009

I don’t think that’s actually Spanish, but I guess I’m trying to be like my sister-in-law who does know Spanish. (I’m probably swearing or something.)

Anyway, Saturday was our first ever dance recital. The girls were excited (and a little nervous). They looked darling, and I was able to sit on the front row during the dress rehearsal and take pictures.

Unfortunately, the dress rehearsal was fairly long (especially when you’re six), and when combined with an unfortuante incident where the same six-year-old hit her head on the hoop skirt of Madame BonBon (who was actually a man, but that’s a whole other bit of craziness), it made my Rainbow fly into a pout over actually participating in the performance.


I talked and prodded and threatened, but she remained unmoved.

The saving grace in this situation? Her older brother, expressing mild (very mild) interest in seeing her jump out from underneath a hoop skirt.

Those older brothers. You’ve got to love them, if they don’t kill you first.


Here’s my Rainbow, testing out the tutu with a sassy swaggle during dress rehearsal.

This is Rainbow’s “stage face” (almost as good as Kate’s, Mandy), along with her “stage stance:” standing with her hands on her hips, sticking her ribs out. It is, apparently, how ballerinas are supposed to stand.

I guess these are out of order, because here she is (on the far right) jumping out from under the hoop skirt.

 Eden, while much easier to cajole into performance, cried when I did her hair. I swear she has super-nerves on her head.

But she’s pretty much the cutest girl dressed up in a flourescent Chinese costume you’ve ever seen, no?

Dance Recital: Done.

Thank goodness.