Flying the Coop

6 01 2010

I feel a little like I think a mother bird must feel (if a mother bird has what you would call “feelings”) when she pushes her baby bird out of the nest for the first time.

“Fly, baby bird! Fly!”

The baby bird is plummeting.

“Use your wings, baby!”

The baby bird continues falling.

“Open them up and flap! Trust your wings! They’ll bring you back home!”

Does the baby bird even understand? Does he know what “wings” means?

Does he know what “bus” means? Does he know the bus will bring him home?

That I will be waiting for him, with a day’s worth of hugs and kisses ready to smother him? Does he know?

Aw, my sweet baby bird. School will be good for you. I know it will.

 I just wish I could keep you with me in my nest a little longer. I love you!

Fly, little bird, fly!