Happy New Blog!

7 01 2010

So . . .

It’s a new year, and I’ve been thinking. I’ve been thinking that it’s time to freshen up this here blog.

Presenting, for 2010:


More earwax!

More crayons!

More blogging!

(Only not really more of the first two.)

Stay tuned for more fun and excitement!


(And more exclamation points.)

(I mean, more exclamation points!)



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7 01 2010


8 01 2010

Very….different from your old one! Did you take the pic at the top? Also was it easy to change or did you lose a bunch of stuff? I’ve been considering it but I heard a bunch of horror stories about people losing links and having to redo all they had set up in their old format. So I’ve shied away. I do know that places like Cutest Blog on the Block now offer stuff for WordPress. I’ve been to chicken to try it though for the same reason.

8 01 2010
Candice Rail

Hooray! I think that you are a great writer, and artist. I love your posts. I also loved your card. You are pretty awesome.

8 01 2010

And (lots) more parenthesis! (I hope.)

19 01 2010


I am sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Crazy lately.

So–I didn’t take the picture at the top, although there is the option to put a custom photo in there. I didn’t lose any information, although I hadn’t heard any horror stories, either. I may not have done it if I had.

My blog roll stuff was sitting in my dashboard, and I only just figured out how to make it visible on my blog. I’m learning about widgets. I did NOT have to re-enter any information, either.

I don’t know if that helps or not. I think you know more about bloggy stuff than I do, but I’m happy to answer any question I have an answer for. (If that makes sense . . . which I’m not entirely sure of.)

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