Status Update, Extended Edition

11 01 2010

Being a Facebook user has made me a lazy blogger.

I get ready to post on my blog and then think, “But I just sort of said that on Facebook.”

However–my mom is not on Facebook, so how’s she supposed to know how I’m doing if I never post on my blog? (You know, besides talking to me on the phone several times a week.)

So, this is how I was feeling last night:

This picture was taken after I’d stayed up until 1 am packing on Christmas night, woken up at 3 am and gotten the kids up to catch our plane, flown to Idaho, and driven to Rexburg. I look it.

Last night, I felt like that sound a pressure cooker makes when it’s finished cooking and you stick it in the sink and run water over it. “Pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.” Out of steam.

Yesterday, I spoke in church. I was also released from a calling (one that I both needed and wanted: Primary chorister) and called to two more (one starts with “ch” and ends in “oir director” and the other one starts with “w” and ends in “ard missionary”), set apart for the callings, and then made lasagna (with homemade sauce, thank you very much).

That’s why, at about six, I felt my velocity plummeting. (I know I used that word two posts ago, but I can’t help it–it’s just so descriptive.)

At seven, I was sitting in a chair, in a stupor. Eden kept asking me questions about her weaving project and I had to keep telling her, “I’m sorry. I can’t think straight right now.”

Rainbow had been waiting for brownies all day (well, all day since after church, when she found the empty plate and tinfoil in the car where there used to be some brownies that she didn’t get) and I finally said, “I’m sorry. I can’t make brownies tonight.”

I played a few lackluster rounds of Scramble on Facebook and told myself, “I’m sorry. I can’t spell right now.”

At eight, I told my family (via email), “I’m sorry. I can’t be on the family chat tonight.”

Everyone (including me) was in bed by nine.

You would think, then, that this morning I would be like this:

Downright bushy-eyed (sorry, inside joke).

However, one dear redhead (who shall remain nameless) decided he was hungry at around 5 am (he doesn’t like homemade lasagna) and has me looking like this instead:

I really do think there was a point to this, in the beginning, but what was it? Oh yes, status update. Here goes:

I am still in my pajamas. My kids are all at school or en route. Today I am working on laundry, dishes (oh, lasagna!), making brownies, putting Christmas away (yes, we all agree it is Past Time), and possibly going to the mall (because I can. Also because I need new jeans and I have Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket). Perhaps I can slip a shower in there somewhere (everyone hopes so).

Time to put some bushes in my eyes!

Here’s hoping everyone has a great Monday—