12 01 2010

Brownies? Check.

Mall? Check.

Shower? Check.

Laundry? Half-check.

Dishes? Um . . . quarter-check?

Christmas? Definitely not checked.

You can see where my priorities lie.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to bring this up without being overly-sentimental, but it seems I just can’t do it. Apparently, I’m just a cry baby.

So, as several of you know, my brother used some stalking techniques to find friends of mine and make them write nice things about me so he could put them into a book he and his wife gave me for Christmas.

Thank you so much.

I cried (possibly a lot) when I first read it, and have cried when thinking about it, and have cried when re-reading it.

It’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me.

I am so blessed.

Laundry, here I come!



11 responses

12 01 2010

LAUNDRY SMAUNDRY….I love gifts like that. What a blessing. And I bet he didn’t have to look to far for those friends to contribute.

12 01 2010

I bet the brownies were amazing!! 🙂

12 01 2010

Hope you bring it this weekend!

12 01 2010

your brother is so nice.

and my Christmas is not put away either. Maybe I should go do that now…

12 01 2010

Remember that book could be a lot bigger than it is! We’re just beginner stalkers.

At first I was a little upset that the boys broke so many ornaments, but putting Christmas away is easier when there’s only about half the original amount of decorations…

12 01 2010

That is an awesome brother. You are an awesome person, though, and I am sure people lined up to be a part of the book.

12 01 2010

Such a great idea for a present. Such a great brother!

14 01 2010

Can’t wait to see the book!! Your talk was amazing…you will be the best choir director ever (I overheard people in the hall at church talking about how they cant wait for it to start!), we can miss primary together!, and I just took down my Christmas decorations Tuesday also so you’re not alone in that boat! Love ya!

16 01 2010

What an incredible gift!

Also- brownies, mall and shower sounds like you have your priorities in line.

21 01 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Hey! I wondered when you got that. I did get to read Jeff’s account of picking his nose and you dry-heaving in your cereal. I wish I could have read more of them. Glad that it was met with a happy heart.

2 02 2010

I was wondering too. I didn’t get to read Jeff’s account of you dry-heaving in your cereal – lucky duck Amber. Can you share any of the stories?? I’m so glad you loved it and cried and so you don’t have to share the really sentimental ones but definitely the one about Jeff picking his nose. That was so cool of your brothers to organize that – such a sisterly thing to do – who needs sisters I guess? okay, so bye – I love you and I’m glad I visited your blog tonight.

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