Accountability, The Weekly Project, and Other Scattered Goals

19 01 2010

Last week at my writers group meeting, we decided to email each other our weekly writing goals to give us some accountability.

I’ve been thinking about that, about having accountability, and about how great I do when someone is expecting me to do something. I’m a people-pleaser, so I try really hard to do what people want me to and what will make their lives easier. This could be one reason I did so well in school–gotta please those teachers, right? Anyway, when I first realized Colby was going to school for full days starting in January, I made a couple of lists when I was Looking On The Bright Side Of Things and Trying To Not Let It Bother Me That My Baby Is At School Instead Of At Home With Me. They are projects to be finished, things that are easier to do when there are no children around.

However, I’ve found that I’ve had some difficulty focusing since Colby’s been gone. That might stem from the fact that for almost ten years I’ve been interrupted from whatever I’ve been doing approximately every seven minutes. It’s kind of hard to get your brain back in the groove of things like thinking and having a long attention span (at least longer than seven minutes).

In order to increase my accountability, then, I have made a new category on my sidebar called The Weekly Project.

This week, the project is clean off counters.


In this never-before-published photo, you can see two of the worst culprits. I have two other spots that attract clutter like iron filings to a magnet. They will be clean by the end of the week. This I vow.

(When I first put up the weekly project section, I also wrote “Take down Christmas lights” and “Organize magazines” because I was feeling ambitious. Also because I already finished taking down the Christmas lights this morning and I thought I would give myself some points for Checking Something Off . It didn’t work out, so until I figure out a little bit more about html, only one thing is going to be the weekly project. I’m sure it’s all for the best, though. Wouldn’t want to overwhelm myself the first week.)

I’m not asking you to make me be accountable. In fact, the only person that will say anything about my weekly project will probably be my mom. (She’s always been good at making me be accountable.) But that’s okay because (I hope this is true) just the act of writing it down and posting it in a public place will be enough to make me work on it. (Right?)

I never posted my New Year’s Resolutions or Goals or what have you because I wrote them in my journal instead. (Should we call those book-logs nowadays?) So far, my biggest goal is to survive 2010 with my sense of humor intact. I think I can do it.

To wrap up (can you wrap up something that is seemingly unrelated to itself?), I figured out how to re-insert my blog roll. Cool, huh? And I only had to be slightly smarter than the average door to do it (which just goes to show you I’m getting smarter, since I’ve been trying to figure it out for almost a year).

(Digression: I first heard the phrase “smarter than the average door” when I was at my friend Niki’s house. Her older sister [now known as “Mrs. Olsen”] was chatting us up about school and whatnot. I think we must have been in the fifth or sixth grade. Anyway, Amber said, “So, are either of you going with anyone?” I looked at Niki, shrugged, then said, “Going where?” Amber laughed and said, “You’d know if you were smarter than the average door.” Catchy, isn’t it. I think that’s destined to be the phrase of the year for 2010.)

I’ve really got to work on my endings. Seriously.



12 responses

19 01 2010

On the negative end of that I was always partial to “dumber then a box of rocks”. Not something you would apply to another person however….Unless…..

19 01 2010
Liz Adair


I’m a kitchen-counter piler, too. And a diningroom table piler. And a couch arm piler. Sigh. I don’t think I will ever shed that propensity, try though I may. And I do, I do.

19 01 2010

I like it. President Monson has a really great quote about being accountable. I should make finding it my project for the week. I have a spot in my kitchen that where papers sit until I get fed up and decide I don’t really need to save them after all.

19 01 2010

Found it!

“When performance is measured performance improves and when performance is measured and reported the rate of performance accelerates.” –Thomas S. Monson

Done and done. Now do I have to find another project for the week?

20 01 2010

Monique–perhaps we should just make it a practice throughout 2010 to compare intelligence with inanimate objects. I quite like “dumber than a box of rocks.”

Mandy–Definitely done. (And a great quote, too!) I would just pat yourself on the back and enjoy the rest of the week.

20 01 2010


You are an inspiration to all! I am home everyday as of late and with nowhere to go since Aiden is being kept indoors for the six months of treatment and I am lucky to squeeze anytime for exercise let alone reorganizing my house. I did try that the first week and made some progess but there is defiantly more to be done.

20 01 2010

dumber than a tree stump was always common around my parts (two blocks south of your parts)

I am using a folder system…where I have to categorize every piece of papers between someone in the family….or else…I can’t have it. It works ok for me.

Mandy; I love the accountability quote. I am going to send it to my nephews that are missionaries!

So my weekly project….writing reports for work…why couldn’t it be something fun…like making a valentines pennant garland…I think I might have two that is fun, and one that is dreadful!

20 01 2010

Love your goal. I think I shall make it my own… And the fact that I had just cleared a big culprit before I read this has maybe a little bit to do with it. 😉 One down, 5 to go!

Every time I visit, I find something else cool to love about your new layout. This time it’s the groovy date-stamp-ish-thingy. Love it. Especially today. 20-01-2010. Nice!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand, what else? Not much. Just thinking of you, happy for your accountability project, and looking forward to perhaps seeing an “after” picture of that counter later this week?


20 01 2010
El Jefe

Greguar (is that what Terry H. was always trying to say?) was always partial to “dumber than a sack of hammers”–or at least I think that was Greg. One of my coworkers describes her less intelligent students as “rocks with lips”. And, after reading a ginormous stack of really, really bad essays at 15-20 minutes a pop (a very, very slow pop), I might have to agree with her. Or maybe it should be “dumber than a box of rocks with lips”.

Good luck getting rid of “the stack”. I think it’s genetic.

–El Jefe

21 01 2010
Mrs. Olsen

I thought blogging would make me more accountable with my resolutions last year, but all it did was send me the biggest New Year’s guilt trip I’ve experienced in my lifetime (when of course I didn’t get anything done). That being said…I LOVE the resolution to keep your humor intact. That is basic..and mini-projects can stem from that. I wish I was more of a go-getter. Or is that what all moms in the trenches think? Is it a seasonal thing?

Anyway, keep it up. I have no recollection of ever saying Dumber than a Door, but A) I apologize (again) and B) It’s freaking genius!

P.S. The stack is not genetic. It’s more of an American epidemic.

21 01 2010

Ah piles – they end up everywhere – and if I do well at not piling, then the kids undoubtedly pile away. Good luck! I wish you more success than I have had in de-stacking 😀

26 01 2010

I liked your ending and I think I’m going to start using that phrase.
Oh, and since I’m reading this much later and see that you were victorious in achieving your goal, I’ll go ahead and congratulate you right now. Congratulations!

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