Fridays at the Rink

22 01 2010

I grew up loving to roller skate.

I got my very own pair of skates when I was about five (Strawberry Shortcake) and spent many hours in the garage and driveway, perfecting my sweet skillz. As I got older, I would go with my friends to the rink. Oh, the rink!

We always felt like we were a little bit special, since we knew the owners and all. By the time I was in Jr. High, I’d already clocked many hours Shooting the Duck, playing Red Light/Green Light, and conveniently needing the restroom when they started the Snowball.

I had a bit of a flashback today when I took Colby to the skating rink for a family field trip (of sorts) with his class.

Tan skates, orange wheels, brown laces.


(No beach scene or seagulls in sight, though.)

There was, however, this:


A wall of fame for participants in the national skating championships . . . who trained at this very rink! Pretty sweet. Serious stuff.

Upon arrival, kids were swarming everywhere on the sidelines, taking off shoes and putting on skates. None of them were on the floor yet, though. Another group was finishing up.

I’ve never before seen senior citizens skate. Pardon me for saying so, but it seems a bit risky–what with the chance of falling while traveling at accelerated rates and all. However, I do have to say, these people were good.



(No kidding. Most of the women had skating costumes on, sequins and all.)

If you can get over your fear of falling and breaking your hip, I’d imagine it’s an excellent way to keep in shape.

Colby was fascinated. Watching these mature adults gliding effortlessly around the rink is probably what made him so excited to put on skates of his own.

Our rounds weren’t nearly as graceful, gliding, or effortless (not to mention sparkly), but we had a fun time skate-walking around to Disney’s greatest hits.

Give us a few years. We’ll get there.



8 responses

22 01 2010
Candice Rail

Oh, R Skating. I love that place. “4 corners”, “Shoot the duck”, “The Limbo”. It is a lost art.

22 01 2010

Roll O’ Rama South Amboy NJ. Oh the memories. Overnight skates, friday night skates, Saturday night skates, skating so long when you take them off you still feel as if you should be skating. Or worse yet forget you have them off and try to glide but fall flat on your face when your shoe catches or was that just me…

22 01 2010

Candice–I can’t believe I forgot the limbo. Limbo while roller skating! I wonder why that hasn’t caught on.

Monique–After taking off my skates today, it was definitely a rush of nostalgia. Your feet feel so light, your height feels so short . . .

22 01 2010

I was a big skater too–5th, 6th grade. I was more in the “We don’t need no ed-u-ca-tion!” era.

Never seen a senior skate with “outfits.” Wow.

You need to take E skating too. She’ll love it.

22 01 2010

I took lessons one year as a freshman. I even had my mom make me a couple of skirts. Alas, I went more to flirt with boys than learn. And, I sucked. I was too afraid of falling to be anygood. Ah well, the skirt was cute!

24 01 2010

I loved going skating! I was all about the Snowball. I couldn’t Shoot the Duck to save my life. I think I just went to hold boys’ hands. Terrible.

26 01 2010
Mrs. Olsen

My sister broke her collarbone rollerskating in your Apache Ave driveway. Did you know that?

I was all over the “R” as a kid. Good memories. I wish you had gotten a picture of senior citizens in sparkles. That would have made my day.

2 02 2010

SO JEALOUS of the senior citizens in sparkly outfits. I want that to be me and Jared, but Jared will just not take us there. Seriously. I wish I could have seen that. Whenever we want to find something to do (from day 1 of married life) I say “rollerskate” and we have NEVER gone. I even bought my own pair of rollerskates (after we were married) to prove that I’m serious when I suggest rollerskating – we still have never been. I wonder if it’s because he is a MAJOR Lam-O rollerskater and couldn’t compete with my grace on 8 wheels. I’m so glad you had an outing like that with Colby. Do you ever call your children by their psuedo-names? kay bye. r these comments way too long or what!?

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