Tres Twice

4 02 2010

Ahh, the pinewood derby. Cub scouting’s finest event. Yes, I even like it better than the Blue and Gold Banquet. There’s just something about the creation of the car and the thrill of the race that makes my heart pump with glee.

And if that didn’t, watching this redhead streak around the gymnasium with utter abandon would.

I love the derby no matter what, but, hey, I’m not complaining if a trophy gets won.

Neither is he.

Rock on, Bulletmobile!





9 responses

4 02 2010

OOOOPS I meant to say young Jones boy, who shall remain unnamed on the World Wide Web. Sorry, is there a way to delete the first comment???

4 02 2010
El Jefe

Skimming the end, I read Mulletmobile. If only.

–El Jefe

5 02 2010

Bulletmobile–totally awesome. Way to go!

5 02 2010

Ack! He’s growing up! is that allowed? Really?
Well, alright. If he must, he must. At least he’s still awfully cute.
(In that “masculine, grown up” use of the word, naturally.)

5 02 2010

So cool. Can’t wait till Brayden’s that age.

5 02 2010

I finally attended my first official pinewood derby. Before then, it was a mythical, but wonderful thing. I spent my time at the derby eating hotdogs, and getting pointers on how to create a winner. My unborn boy will hopefully not suffer because parents were History and Humanities majors…neither prepared us for the competition of the scouting world.

5 02 2010

that is one sweet car.

and sweet pics too.

10 02 2010

What fun! I can’t wait til we have boys in cub scouts and doing pinewood derbies and such 😀

11 02 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Yeah baby! Way to go little Willie or whatever your fake name is!

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