12 02 2010

I just found this note on the table, and started laughing so hard I almost had a coughing fit:

Eden and I have been butting heads lately . . . a lot.

But I love her to death, and am so glad she thinks ahead for any problems.

Just in case.



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13 02 2010

Throw up bowl…Don’t leave home without it! πŸ™‚

13 02 2010

Sweet! She is a planner, that one. Did she actually leave the house?

13 02 2010

Did she go anywhere? And what food did she pack?

13 02 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Throw up bowl just in case? Totally classic. How long did she last outside (or was she under her bed?

14 02 2010

I had heard a dramatic slamming of the door, so assumed she had gone to our next-door neighbors. I didn’t find her note until about 1/2 hour later. After I took a picture and started uploading it here, I decided I had better check and make sure she actually HAD gone to the neighbors.

Um, no. No Eden there.

I started to get slightly worried, wondering if she actually went all the way to a different friend’s house in the dark (since that’s how our fight started).

She didn’t seem to be anywhere around the house, but her shoes were still at home, along with her backpack and coat. Since it was raining, I was pretty sure she wouldn’t have left without them.

A more thorough search found her–as Mrs. Olsen suspected–sleeping underneath her bed.

I probably just should have looked for the throw up bowl. Eden wouldn’t have been far away . . .

14 02 2010

The “I love you” ending is great. As if to say, “I’m so mad that I’m running away, but please…don’t take it personally.” Eden’s a cutie.

14 02 2010

I like a girl who plans ahead. I also love that you uploaded the picture before you hunted her down. Classic.

14 02 2010

hahaha, that is so funny. I can’t even tell you how many times Everett has threatened to run away. Mostly because I tell him he needs to turn off the wii.

BTW, we need to get together. Are your kids missing Marble Mania?

16 02 2010

lol! That is awesome – I just love the throw up bowl just in case – oh man! I love kids!

18 02 2010

Crack me up. What a girl.

23 02 2010

Maybe it was her way of saying she’d be just sick without you…
I’ve seen it a half-dozen times and it still makes me laugh.

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