Attempts at Disneyland

24 02 2010

As a parent, I think it’s natural that after your kids have been through something tough, you want to give them something fun. To try and make up for it somehow.

Our original attempts at fun included going to  the park and a movie with Aunt Amber.

Colby walked the fence line, but the other three seemed most excited about the little hammock tucked under the slide.

The next day, we had to take Aunt Amber to the airport.

Thanks for coming, Amber! You’re the best!

One nice thing about having to be somewhere at a certain time is that once you finish, you’ve got everyone in the car, ready to go–and in this case, hours before it would have normally happened. Since Disneyland was too far away, I decided going on a hike would be just as fun.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy the sunshine after a cold, dark winter?

My kids, apparently.

They cried and whined the entire hour drive to the trailhead.

Except . . . oops. We didn’t actually make it all the way to the trailhead. Because of the snow.

That’s right, folks! Mountains generally have snow longer than in the lowlands. Give this Idaho girl a prize!

But we had driven and hour to hike, and hike we would, dag nabit.

Little Red cried whenever I put him down. So I carried him most of the time.

Here’s a better picture, taken without that awful flash, and with Mr. Colby on my hip. Rainbow had to hold my hand the entire time, Eden slipped and fell and was grumpy forevermore, and Zack . . . well, Zack had an awesome time. That made the entire hour-drive-each-way-for-twenty-minutes-of-hiking worth it. My plugged in boy was unplugged, and enjoyed it!

 A creek we crossed–

We had to stop for Rainbow to relieve herself (of course!) and Eden decided she needed to go, too (of course!), so I took some tree pictures. Lots of tree pictures. But I will only subject you to one.

In the end, not exactly Disneyland . . . but still fun!