Lovely Letters

1 03 2010

I adore email. Since it came into my life as I started college (does that date me?), I have loved the option of writing my thoughts and having them quickly received as opposed to talking on the telephone.

(The telephone and I are not friends. Have I mentioned this before?)

However, as email has become more prevalent in daily life, I no longer expect the little “11” next to my inbox to connote eleven personal messages. Not likely. I’m involved with several online writing groups, receive sales info from more than one store, and alerts from the library when a book I wanted is on hold.

Convenient? Yes.

Personal? No.

My brother said to me about a year ago, “I don’t even get excited when I get emails. What I get excited about is a letter!”

Imagine my happiness this morning when I got the weekend mail and pulled out of the mailbox not one but two (2!) special letters addressed specifically to me.

I could tell they were for me even before I saw my names on them . . . because their stamps were upside-down.

Do you know the secret of an upside-down stamp?

I’ll tell you.

It means, “I love you.”

It’s a tiny little secret, that not everybody knows because–really, who writes letters anymore? Not a lot of people.

But my family does.

And they love me!