Lucky Tableware

15 03 2010

Growing up, we had some of those great plastic glasses, like the kind they have at pizza restaurants (except ours were navy blue instead of red). One of them got chipped and cracked along the top. Whenever the broken cup was plunked above our plate, we kids would complain to the point where my mother wanted to slit her wrists (she didn’t actually tell me this, but, having had a similar experience in my own parenting, I’m extrapolating), so she came up with a brilliant idea.

The cracked cup nobody wanted became The Lucky Cup

If you had The Lucky Cup at breakfast, good luck was yours for the taking the rest of the day.

Unfortunately for my dear mother, the fighting didn’t stop . . . it just switched to wanting the chipped cup instead of despising it. O Fickle Youth!

Imagine my surprise and delight when, after heating up my leftovers-as-lunch, I grabbed this from the drawer:

The Lucky Fork!