Mother’s Day

10 05 2010

Have I really not posted anything since the first? Wow. It’s been crazy busy around here, with Eden’s baptism this weekend, which I will write about soon. This morning, though, I wanted to post the poem she wrote me for Mother’s Day. You always hear about how your actions speak louder than words to your children, but I didn’t know if I really believed it . . . until I read this. Turns out, Eden knows me pretty well.

One of the People I Love

I am a mother. I am kind, loving, and I care for my kids.

I like hearing my kids play nicely together.

I see the kind smiles on my beautiful children’s faces.

I am a mother. I am kind, loving, and I care for my kids.

I pretend not to be grumpy in the morning.

I’m worried when my children get lost.

I cry when my kids miss the bus.

I am a mother. I am kind, loving, and I care for my kids.

I believe that the church of Jesus Christ is true. I believe that the Book of Mormon and Bible is true.

I dream that my daughter will become a beautiful mother.

I try to make a difference by being a good influence.

I hope that we will be together forever.

I am a mother. I am kind, loving, and I care for my kids.

[I may or may not have cried a lot when I read this. I’m so grateful for all the mothers in my life and their examples to me, especially my own. Thanks for everything!]



11 responses

10 05 2010

That is the most amazing poemI have ever read! I love love love love love it! Not only am I amazed with the fantastic mother you are and the influence you have had on your children, but also what an amazing writer your 8 year old daughter is! Your family is inspiring, and I am sorry we missed the Baptism (we wanted to be there so much). I have a little poem I was unable to send with the towel. Love you!

10 05 2010

Wow! That’s amazing! My 7 1/2 yr. olds did a fill in the blank poem with things like…”My Mother Weighs __________________ .

Sweet girl!

10 05 2010

I may or may not be crying.

There is no “may or may not” about this poem. It is absolutely and astoundingly beautiful.

I finally found that deep-down Mother’sDay feeling I was looking for yesterday.

10 05 2010

I’m crying. What a sweet observant girl!

10 05 2010

Beautiful. Happy Mother’s Day.:)

10 05 2010

Wow, your daughter wrote this. I love it. It is beautiful. More than beautiful.

10 05 2010

She is a beautiful, special girl. Kind of like her mamma!

10 05 2010
Mrs. Olsen

My favorite line: I pretend not to be grumpy in the morning

What a great poem! Looks like she has her mom’s writing gene too huh?

10 05 2010

Wow. That’s impressive. What a wonderful, accurate and well-deserved tribute to you on Mother’s Day. Congratulations to Eden on her baptism. We love you both!

10 05 2010

Holy cow. I was given a picture, drawn by Kate, of my angry face. I will refer her to this poem (once she learns to read) for an example of what I expect from her in the future. Beautiful.

15 05 2010

Does it get better than that? That should give you great satisfaction that you’re doing something right!! What an amazing mom and an amazing daughter!

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