Just Call Him J.D.

17 05 2010

My baby brother graduated from law school on Saturday. Since I wasn’t going (tell me trying to entertain four children during a commencement speech–no matter how well-done–wouldn’t be torture), we had our own ceremony at my house while he and his family were here for Eden’s baptism.

I knew that cap and gown would come in handy sometime.

I made him dance like this, and told him to do it at the real thing. I don’t think he did (lawyers can be so stuffy!), but I like to imagine it happening anyway.

Me, posing with the graduate and his tassel.

Both of us dancing. It doesn’t get any better than this.

And the obligatory mortarboard-poking-my-eye-out shot. That never gets old.

(Really. I have an almost identical picture from his high school graduation–except I had short hair and was pregnant with Zack at the time.)

Love you, Mike! Sue the pants off of them, whoever they are.