The Special Peacock

26 05 2010

Originally, I was going to do an end-of-the-quarter post with all my art projects (such as they are). However, I was so excited about our peacock (read: to be done) that I wanted to post these pictures.

Now, the class is called 3-Dimensional Design, and basically we use a variety of objects to make sculptures. Fun!

This particular project is called “Art and Nature,” and it’s been our only group project for the course. The parameters were to make a site-specific art piece using natural materials.

Lo and behold: Team Peacock (that’s Yan, Trang, and Wendy) totally rocked it. 

I must admit that being a florist in another lifetime helped out some, especially since I’d worked with natural materials before.

We scrounged around, feeling slightly criminal  (Yan always made sure I was the one holding the clippers), finding all the materials right on campus. We found salal and ferns just growing wild. (We paid good money for those greens at the shops I worked for in Idaho.) 

I’ll let you know how his dried leaves hold up after a week in the rain . . .



15 responses

26 05 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Wow! Isn’t it good for the soul to release that creative energy? You did a great job!

26 05 2010

I took floral design at BYU, and it totally lowered my self esteem. I am floored by this peacock.

26 05 2010

What a great peacock! NBC will want to include it in their logo. Hope school is going well and that the last few days will go well for you. Love you.

26 05 2010

Way cool, I am sure you must have had the best project of the class.

26 05 2010

The above was from me not Mike, I forgot that he was signed in.

26 05 2010
Anita Nap

Holy Craftiness, Batman! That’s amazing!!!

26 05 2010

That is awesome!:)

26 05 2010

Awesome!!! My sister is now a PEACOCK (last name) – maybe I should get you to make her one…. 🙂

27 05 2010

Wow. I am floored by your talent. Can’t wait to see more.

28 05 2010

Freaking Awesome. FREAKING. Awesome. Please keep sharing these!

29 05 2010

Team Peacock, huh? Creative.

30 05 2010

Love it! Is it still there, or has the rain disolved it?

30 05 2010

That is a good question. I guess I’ll find out on Tuesday. When I checked it (him) out on Thursday, the paint was starting to flake off and the tail was drooping in back.

31 05 2010
Tanya Mills

Gorgeous peacock! I had no idea you were so artistic.

3 06 2010

wow, that is really cool. (and I already knew you were artistic:)

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