17 06 2010

Hey, Blog! How are you? Gimme five!

Don’t leave me hanging!

Okay, Blog. I know it’s been a long time. I’m sorry. Really.

. . .

What is that? Apology not accepted? Shoot. It’s not like I was trying to be neglectful. Life gets busy, you know?

. . .

Well, I was in school, and had some final projects due. I’ve also been implementing a new Jones Family Screen Time Directive to try and decrease our dependence on electronic devices. Zack, as you may imagine, was thrilled. Still, it’s been good for us all, and you can see how decreasing my screen time pretty much automatically decreases my blog time. I’m sure there’s a mathematical equation in there somewhere . . .

Okay, okay. I admit I have still been playing Scramble and checking my Facebook account. I have to keep Amie informed. She doesn’t have one yet.

. . .

What?! No, no, no, of course I don’t like Facebook more than I like you. I can’t say much in 140 characters. Seriously. I need you.

. . .

It has been too long. I completely agree. That’s why I’m here now!

. . .

You want me to beg? I don’t know if I can do that. Oh, but I forgot to tell you I was in the hospital last week with Zack and Rainbow. 2nd round of infusions. You can’t blame me for not blogging then.

. . .

Phew. Thanks for forgiving me. Do you want to see the new earrings I got? They’re the biggest things I’ve ever worn.

Okay, maybe I’m not entirely forgiven. No need to get catty, Blog. There. I cropped out my wrinkles. Happy now?

Listen, Blog, it’s been good to see you. I’ve got to go. One week of school left for the kids! I am so ready for summer.

. . .

I know, school until the end of June is SO lame. It is, however, giving me the chance to go on a little mini vacation. Las Vegas, here I come!

. . .

Sheesh, Blog, give it a rest. My brother lives there.

. . .

I’m going to let you take a nap. I’ve got to change out the smoke detector batteries. Have a good one, Blog. See you soon.

. . .

No, seriously. Soon. Bye!



6 responses

18 06 2010

You make me laugh. This was awesome.

I like those earrings. My baby would never let me get away with that, but someday…

18 06 2010

So nice to hear from you again. You were missed.

20 06 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Oh dear. My blog is dying too. It happens!

21 06 2010

ooooooh! Love the earrings!

21 06 2010

Wow those are big! We’d have to see all of you for the full effect though…

21 06 2010

I love cherry blossoms. I bought a vase in China (my one splurge) with cherry blossoms on it. I hope you are having a great trip and Blog and I will be patiently waiting to hear all about it.

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