Being Footloose on a Sunshine Day

25 06 2010

Saturday, just before  I left for Las Vegas, Eden and Rainbow had their dance recital. They’ve been working on these for months, both in class and at home (I could probably do a large portion of their routines, myself, but wouldn’t look nearly as cute doing them). So why in the world would I start crying during the performance?

I don’t know, either. It came as a complete shock.

I didn’t take any pictures during the actual performance since I was manning the video camera (which turns out might have been unnecessary since I’m buying the ‘professionally made’ DVD [because I am a sucker]) but I took these during dress rehearsal.

They are both beautiful and did fantastic jobs! 

I didn’t let Rainbow wear her show tights until the actual show, which is why her legs are so white.

Eden did her own lipstick for the rehearsal, but let me help on the day of the performance.

It was  spectacular.

Love you, girls!



5 responses

25 06 2010

They were adorable!

26 06 2010

I just love dance recitals! They are soooo cute!

29 06 2010

so cute. They’ll remember this forever! (I still remember thinking it was cool I got to wear lipstick for our recitals, back in 1985)

7 07 2010

Such cute little dancers. I was once suckered into buying the DVD but soon realized that it was too much video of all the other dancers. I am continuously zoomed-in on my kid kind of videographer.

11 07 2010

We just watched it tonight, Mandy, and you’re right. I much prefer seeing more of just my kid and less of everyone else. Of course, when I started crying unexpectedly I figured the home video quality went way down . . .

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