Blogging on Vacation?

6 08 2010

I’m trying. In between the parties with these cousins and the parties with those, between the outings to this lake and the outings to that park, we are seriously pooped around here.

I tried twice to load pictures of my daughters in their new nightgowns, since that’s what I’ve been working on in all my ‘spare’ time, but it’s not working out. I’ll try later. Please, everyone, shoot me if I ever again¬†buy flannel-backed satin to make something. It is pretty much the spawn of Satan. (Satin–Satan . . . get it?)

[Phew, third time is (apparently) the charm. Now to figure out how to get the Oregon coast photos loaded . . . ]

In the meantime, I did get a little writing done this morning. I have a couple of friends from my writing group who post regularly from a writing prompt. You’ll find my fiction friday here, if you’re interested.