2 09 2010

Every year at my family reunion, we have a photo contest. We choose five or six categories, then everybody brings their shots to the reunion and we vote. This year, the categories were Hot, Travel/Journey/Destination, Hairy, Music, Orange, and Self-Portrait. (“Self-Portrait” is a standing category, and it’s always fun to see what people come up with. The best one, though, was our very first photo contest. Everyone is very secretive about their photos right up until we lay them out on the table. First year, we were still kind of figuring out ground rules and whatever, and my dad lays out this picture of himself in a wife beater, flexing his muscles and holding a wrench. With a fake tattoo. Seriously. Best. Photo. Ever.)

Anyway, here are my photos from this year. I didn’t win–but watch your back, Sandi, ’cause I’m gunning for the prize next year!







And speaking of contests, I only had one taker on the tampon-packaging challenge. My brother didn’t enter because he said he didn’t need tampons. Hello! As if that could be considered a ‘fabulous prize’. How tacky.

Even if other people had entered, Mandy still would have won because she got all the dates right except the first. That box of tampons was from 1998, if you can believe it. So Mandy, I’ll be sending you your fabulous prize–as soon as I finish making it. It’s going to be, well, fabulous.



8 responses

2 09 2010

I LOVE orange. And self-portrait isn’t bad either!

2 09 2010

Love the pictures! You’ve got a gift. 🙂 And what a fun idea for a family of picture-takers. Can’t wait for next year.

2 09 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Pretty please put that picture of your papa on the blog…!

3 09 2010

Great photos! Your family should have a blog somewhere with all the entries. It’d be fun to see all the talent. (I especially want to see the one of your dad in a wife beater…shocking and hilarious!)

3 09 2010

I love all of your pictures and would love to have seen all the entries as well. What kind of camera do you use, and do you love it?

7 09 2010

I really love this. I love that your family has a photo contest and I love all your pictures. I especially love that I am a super amazing tampon box year guesser. Who knew? Now, if I can just find someone to pay me for that skill…

7 09 2010

P.S. I am VERY excited for my fabulous prize. Even more now that I know it is not tampons. Hooray!

5 10 2010

You are so creative. You always have been and it shows through your photography, your 3-D art, your words. You are just creative Missy.

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