Seeking Fashion Advice

15 09 2010

As I got dressed this morning, I pulled a shirt off the hanger and thought, “Hey, this is another one of those things I wore in high school.” I consider it one of my “Western-style” shirts (I even have one with mother-of-pearl snaps!) and wear it when I want to channel my inner Idaho.

[Digression: Nevermind that I wasn’t really a cowgirl. I still like to pretend.

And on that note, I have to share an embarrassing story that happened this summer. We went to Reed’s Dairy Days with our cousins, where there was fake-cow roping, fake-cow milking, a milkman maze, a baby-farm-animal petting zoo, seriously delicious ice cream, a dairy tour, and horse rides. Anyone with an 8-year-old girl knows that horses are the beginning and end of all fascinations. Eden begged to ride, and Rainbow said she’d do it if I came with her. It was a blisteringly hot day, but the morning had been overcast so I chose to wear jeans. They were sweaty. We waited in line for about 1/2 hour, baking in the Idaho August sun. The kids were excited, choosing and then changing their minds about which horse was ‘the best one’ and hoping they got that horse to ride (or be led) around the corral. When it was our turn, I asked the fellow helping (who looked way too Goth to be working with horses, but whatever) if it was all right if I rode along. He said fine and for me to get on first. Well, I asked where he wanted me (the saddle seemed so small), “Here on the back?” He said, “Yes.”

(Here’s where it gets embarrassing.)

They had a platform to stand on in order to mount. I stuck my left foot in the stirrup and I went to swing my leg over–effortlessly, you know, just how you see real cowboys do it–but for some reason the message got scrambled in my brain, or maybe my legs just don’t know how to do that move, or possibly they were too sweaty and got stuck on my jeans. The only thing that can describe it is this: AWKWARD. I kind of shuddered and heaved instead of smoothly swinging my leg over. Ugh.

That isn’t all, though! Oh, no. I misunderstood Goth farmhand and actually sat behind the saddle. I figured out that was wrong when everyone was laughing. After he handed Rainbow up, I tried to sort of leap frog over the saddle end to get in behind her. Of course, my jeans were still sticking and good grief I felt dumb. I just sort of smiled and waved and laughed and said, “I’m a natural-born cowgirl.”

End digression.]

Anyway, please tell me: should this shirt be retired? I like it, but it’s possible I’m not seeing it clearly. Does it scream mid-90s? Please advise me, dear readers. You’re my only hope.

Wait. That’s Obi Wan Kanobi. Still, tell me what you think.




12 responses

15 09 2010

You’re good. Plaid shirts are a trend this fall, and that one’s really well fitted- plus you’re so freaking cute you could pull off a paper bag. 🙂

15 09 2010

Sorry. If you remember from your recent visit, I have a “poor sense of fashion” (and humor and smell and…) and am not authorized to give any advice. However, I think it’s impressive you can still wear the same size. Nice job! Wish I would have been closer to the corral for the horse mounting. 🙂

15 09 2010
Mr. Smith

Well, I am not sure how you’ll take this – given my unenviable fashion sense, or lack thereof, you decide which – but I think it looks fine. I wish I had some plaid, but Mrs. Smith doesn’t go for plaid… not the plaid style I like most, anyway.

15 09 2010

Perfect for fall!

15 09 2010

I don’t remember you being left-handed. I just wish that, like Rae, I could tell you what was coming up this fall. I haven’t known since, oh, I don’t know…birth.
Looks like a shirt! And you’re wearing it! So it MUST be cool.

–Jefe Anonymous

15 09 2010

While I too am impressed that you can still wear clothes from high school, I do think that it could be a titch outdated. But don’t toss it, I would save it as a camping shirt (although the problem with this for me is that I have way too many camping shirts for how often I go camping). Or save it for a western themed party??? That is just one opinion though, and I am definitely not a fashion expert.

16 09 2010

Is this a post about the shirt or about the fact that you still fit in your high school clothes after 4 kids? Hmmm?

I’m no fashionista, obviously. But, Mikayla did pick out a few plaid shirts for school this fall, so it’s possible they are “back.”

16 09 2010

Plaid is way in this fall. Total keep! Plus I loved the 90’s and I still have old clothes from then to so I’m a little bias.

16 09 2010

Rae–you are my new best friend.

HBA–you make me laugh. I’m afraid, now that you’ve brought that back into our memories, it’s totally going down with Paul Newman and will be brought up over and over (and over) again. P.S. Glad you didn’t see the horse-mounting in person. Hilariously, humiliatingly scary.


el jefe–It took me awhile to figure out the left-handed comment, but I did it. I’m tricky. As to the rest of your comment, well, you pretty much wrote the “Who needs fashion when you’ve got style?” statement.

Sandi–Thank you for your honesty, and I think you’re very fashionable. How ’bout I save it for when we go to The Playmill next summer? That’s kind of western-themed . . .

Dina–Was I just bragging? I don’t know. I do know I wore my clothes a lot baggier in high school and I wear them a lot more fitted today, so that really helps in my illusion-of-still-being-the-same-size. Maybe I should ask Mikayla’s advice on this particular. . .

Monique–Please bring some of your ’90s duds to the retreat. I wanna see.

20 09 2010
Mrs. Olsen

Late to the game… I need another picture.

Asset: Your waist. can’t tell if this shirt is fitted to look like a woman’s shirt. If it is-keep it!
Otherwise, toss it!

20 09 2010

Two years ago, I would have been first to say toss it but plaid is definitely back in a big way. If it is a little baggy, maybe you could belt it? That’s “SO fashion-y”, as my girls are constantly saying.

5 10 2010

It seems like plaid is back – so keep it. Everything recycles every 20-30 years right, so if your wardrobe is still from high school, you are almost in style again. ha ha
do NOT keep something for a one time occasion – not enough space or energy to keep a shirt for just one day.
you’re cute.

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