Our Version of ‘The Cheese Touch’

16 09 2010

We call it ‘The Cheerio Chair.’

Even Colby avoids it.



8 responses

16 09 2010

I am in the dark on this one. What is the cheese touch?

16 09 2010

It’s from “The Diary of a Wimpy Kid”–either the movie or the book. Beware the cheese touch!

17 09 2010

I just saw that movie tonight. Hilarious.

19 09 2010

Uh-oh. If I’m gonna need to know the lingo to keep up with the inside-jokes here, I might have to watch it, too. 😉

20 09 2010

We are all VERY aware of the cheese touch around here but have yet to create our own. I’m sure the opportunity will present itself soon and it will give me the chance to avoid cleaning, always a good thing.

21 09 2010

haha! too funny!

29 09 2010

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! We are very aware of the cheese touch – but I didn’t know where it came from -so thanks for clearing that up 😀

1 10 2010

that is awesome! I actually watched that movie with the kids (instead of surfing the internet while they watched) because you wrote on facebook that you loved it…so I know all about the cheese touch thanks to you:)

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